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  1. rowiac

    Best Liquid Chlorine to buy from Home Depot? How much needed to slam 19,800 gallon above ground vinyl pool?

    This is what my local Home Depot carries for 10% bleach (aka Chlorinating Liquid): If your HD has it, it is most likely in the gardening section, possibly outside. Look for the latest date code on...
  2. rowiac

    First time SLAM, a couple of questions

    Check FC after the sun sets and then get up early and check it again just before sunup. That will give you several hours of no UV so that you can determine FC loss from algae and organics only over that period.
  3. rowiac

    Algae keeps coming back

    Test for FC each time before you add chlorine and then add the amount that PoolMath tells you to get to your SLAM FC level (SLAM FC=12 if your CYA=30). It will seem like you are adding a whole lot of chlorine, but keep at it. It's likely to take several days, but the amount of chlorine use...
  4. rowiac

    Safe Swimming in cloudy pool

    I've never quite understood the need to be able to see the bottom of the pool at the deep end, although I think this thread may have cleared it up a bit for me (no pun intended). Is the importance of seeing the bottom of the deep end, specifically the detail of the floor drain, so that you can...