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    Filling a 15 gallon chlorine tank

    I have an automatic liquid chlorine feeder with a 15 gallon rola-chem tank . I found a local pool store (pinchapenny) that sells 2.5 gallon containers of LC. I bought one yesterday to give it a try. I found that my tank is awkward to fill because of the built in mount for the pump (see...
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    ORP system winterization

    Hello, My ORP system was just installed yesterday. I live in Dallas. It gets below freezing occasionally, but the winters are relatively mild. Do I need to do anything to protect it, or is the built in freeze protection that gets the pumps running good enough? Thanks, Jason.
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    CYA question

    This site (link below) states that the max should be 15ppm for commercial pools. They also recommend similar levels for residential pools (30ppm max). The chart on the page shows drastically diminishing returns on CYA ability to protect chlorine from the sun after 30ppm...
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    ORP system help needed.

    Hello, I am having an ORP system installed in a couple of days. I have a decision to make, and I need some help. I am trying to decide if I want a 15gal liquid chlorine tank or a cal hypo erosion auto feeder. I understand some the pros and cons of the different chlorine types (liquid shelf...