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    Admitting my confusion

    Somehow, this year, I got confused over combined chlorine and total chlorine. In my mind they were the same thing. I’ve been fighting a battle that had no basis. Reading out here finally woke me up. Hey, I’m no chemist. And a lot of this goes over my head. I’ve had my pool for 8 years...
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    As if...grandson with fish tank out of balance

    Yes, as if I weren’t having enough water problems with the pool. Little cloudy, combined chlorine too high. Cya too low. ph fluctuating...etc. etc. And my grandson decides he wants a 20 gal aquarium. We have been trying to balance that water for over a month! And I keep getting confused...
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    Need help setting up new remote for Pentair EasyTouch.

    The new remote does not find the wireless just keeps searching. The main panel displays “sending address.” I’ve tried rebooting the panel by cutting off the power to the pool at the house. And I’ve taken the batteries out of the old remote Any suggestions?
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    Pentair Easy Touch Remote display going bad

    . I’ve had my easy touch remote for about 6 years. Today there was a burned looking spot at the bottom of the display screen. It still works, but wonder what is happening and would like to stop it before it gets worse. Going to change batteries as a starter. Any thoughts are welcome!
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    Raypak vs Jandy jxi heater

    We’ve decided to replace our failing heater. I’m trying to decide whether to go back with what I have...Raypak 406A, using the cupronickel this time, or changing to a Jandy jxi. Any thoughts?
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    Raypak 406A Problem. Stumped

    We have a Raypak 406A, about 6 years old. Had intermittent problems last year with it not firing up or not bringing the water up to the desired temperature. Problems started again. After igniting once and not bringing the temperature up to desired level, it just stopped igniting. Error code...
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    Replacing pool heater...looking for recommendations

    I currently have a Rheem natural gas heater which is about 6 years old. Had quite a few problems last year and it looks like they’re continuing, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and replace it. I’m going back with natural gas, but would love any suggestions on brand.
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    Question about pressure side pool cleaners

    I have a Polaris Kreepy Krauley. Love fine...been using it for 6 years. My question is this: The connection is under water, so why does it sound like the pump is running dry when it comes on and the hose is not attached. I have jumped out of my chair one time too many when this has...
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    Small rodent in skimmer line

    I was working at the skimmer and had the basket out when I saw a little bitty rodent swimming for all he's worth. I jumped up to get a net so I could get him out but wasn't quick enough and next thing I knew he was in the skimmer and down the hole. He has not come out in the pump basket...
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    Dark clouds and rolling thunder

    How do you handle it when people/family come to swim and there are dark clouds and rolling thunder? I've been the "bad guy" so often in not allowing swimming when I hear thunder. And, just how cautious do I need to be?
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    How to find repairman for pool heater

    My 5 year old Rheem gas pool heater needs repair. I've had someone come look at it and he replaced the thermostat which had corrosion on it, but basically told me I should replace the heater. He only took the front panel off and seemed hesitant to get too deeply into it. The problem is that...
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    Question about Kreepy Krauly Legend

    I have been using this Kreepy Krauly for about three years. It has it's own pump and line. I've had to replace the unit that attached it to the wall, which contains the pressure valve. This is the second time I've had to replace this, but the first time I've had a problem. The pressure...
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    Question re cutting new solar cover

    I am replacing my solar cover and am planning to fit it differently this time, but wondered if any of you have tried this and if there were any problems. I was reading how to cut a solar cover on an Australian website and their instructions say to have a "lip" go up around the sides rather than...
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    Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    I know I WANT a pool. But I keep going back an forth about taking the "plunge." Here's what I'd like: Inground vinyl liner pool. Salt water automatic pool cover - any thoughts on this very much appreciated Heater I live in Georgia. I'm not particular about shape and size. I'd prefer mid...