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    Thanks City of Houston

    We're in Houston...we got a letter from the city last summer that they had discontinued the break on your bill for filling a pool. I don't know how the new meter would come into play though...does it actually separate out water from sewer?
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    Help-Water Color At Initial Fill Up

    All aggregate finishes look greenish when the pool is first filled. Once you get some chemicals in there the water color will change pretty dramatically. Here's a picture of our newly filled pool when we had it resurfaced with Tahoe Blue PebbleTec: And here it is once we added chlorine and...
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    patio furniture

    We have some pretty nice stuff we bought at Chair King 7 years ago. Since it's outside in the elements year-round, it had seen better days. I was :shock: when I started to look at replacement cost! We opted to have our existing furniture refurbished instead. It's being taken apart, having a...
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    Confused about my concrete repair options *Pictures added*

    Re: Confused about my concrete repair options *Pictures adde We're also looking for options of what to do with our deck. It isn't that old (5 years), but the kool deck/sun deck coating hasn't held up well at all. It's chipped, and constantly filthy. :( The only other option our pool company...
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    Houston Pool Remodel

    Your pool looks great! I'm partial to The Pool Man because they renovated our 40 year old pool a couple years ago and did a fantastic job. I like the decking colors you chose. Our deck needs to be recoated and the mastic needs to be replaced ($$$$$) :( . We actually did the deck before the...
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    Hurricane - Still no power

    The hose powered cleaner is a great idea to pick up dirt AND help circulate the water. I hadn't thought of that, but you can bet I'll buy one before the next hurricane pays us a visit!
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    Hurricane - Still no power

    I have a huge sense of accomplishment tonight. After Ike, we were without power for 9 days...we just got our service restored late yesterday afternoon. I hauled three good sized limbs and several trash bags of crud out of the pool over the course of the week+ that it was out of commission. I...
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    So this is where everyone went

    I lurk quite a bit on here and 2 other pool sites, one of which is (was?) Pool Forum. I wonder if Pool Forum finally crashed. I haven't been able to get on in about 3 days. If so, it's great that TFP was already up and running! Thanks!
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    Pool Renovation with Pictures (Warning...Very Long)

    I liked the look of it too! Unfortunately it was in terrible shape to the point of being unsafe. We actually considered replacing the deck with wood, but since we have a lot of oak trees the wood was very difficult to keep clean. There was just too much tree stuff that got trapped between the...
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    Pool Renovation with Pictures (Warning...Very Long)

    We bought our house with an existing pool in December of 2003. At the time we knew little to nothing about pools except how to swim in them! We also didn’t know the age or maintenance history of the pool because we bought the house from an investor who had just finished a “flip.” We...
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    Kinda Strange...

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so mods, if it's in the wrong place feel free to move it! This is our 4th summer in this house, which came with a 35 year old pool. We just renovated in January/February, and chose Tahoe Blue PebbleTec with abalone shells to resurface the pool. Since it's...