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    Pentair Easy Touch, IntelliFlo, IntelliChlor and IntelliBrite Installation Question

    regarding the pump: - Replace single speed pump with IntelliFlo VSF I recall a number of discussions around the VS vs the VSF at the time I was upgrading my pump and adding Solar. I asked my solar installer, and they did not recommend the VSF and said the VS was better suited for my needs. I...
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    Pool leak, hire a leak detection/repair service?

    when my pool was leaking I hired a leak detection company and they pressure tested every inlet and return and showed I did not have a plumbing leak. This was a good first step. They found my skimmer was leaking and patched it, and that took care of some of the problem but not all. I later...
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    Pool Light Tripping Breaker the installation guide covers several models, but I think it should include yours. Perhaps it will help. I would start by tracking down every wire in the high...
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    Pool Light Tripping Breaker

    I'm a little confused by the high voltage wiring in your load center. Not saying it is wrong, but I don't understand it. The vertical bar next to the breakers is the neutral bus, and it looks like there is a heavy gauge black wire connected to it. I've always seen white used for neutral. Is...
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    Pool Light Tripping Breaker

    Thank you for the picture. Separate from your pool GFCI discussion, the tan wire harness on the right side of the load center, the one that has a black zip around it at the base of the load center appears to be a low voltage sensor wire and it has no reason to be in the high voltage section of...
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    Efficacy of heat pump in Sacramento California

    Sorry, I have no experience with a heat pump. I have solar panels and use a cover in the early and late season. I have a gas heater that burns money to heat my pool so I don't use it except to heat the spa My experiences, take them with a grain of salt. Covers hold in the heat well when the...
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    Pentair panel and Pool light

    Hi, might I suggest posting more specific details about your pentair panel. Better chance of getting help if we know what we are helping you about.
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    ScreenLogic Clock

    Jim R. is the resident easytouch / screenlogic expert here so if he says otherwise, believe him. I'm using the wireless protocol adapter and have had no issues. But yes, wire the intelliflo to the comms port. You can wire it and the screen logic wireless to the same lugs. Just be careful not...
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    ScreenLogic Clock

    I have two apps on my android. One is ScreenLogic, and the other is SLconfig. Not sure if you have apple or android.. On the connection screen of both there is a little wrench icon in the Blue upper area where the PENTAIR logo resides. if you click on the wrench it has a setting to enable...
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    Good estimate on pool size?

    I'm thinking closer to 17K Estimated by dividing the pool into three areas: Upper Box, Lower Box, Sloped area for the drop. Upper Box: 32x16 down to the depth of the shallow end which is 3' 4" ( note: this number is a bit high since it includes the three sloped walls in the deep end. )...
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    Help Fixing Pool Light: Cord or Light?

    +1 And looking at the picture it looks like the pool light power cord goes directly into the panel box with the timer. I thought the code required a separate junction box elevated above pool level and separate from the electrical panel. I'm not an electrician, but if this were my parents...
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    New pool light versus repair

    contactus page matches business address on bbb. googled the location, but the location looks like condos or apartments. for $40 for 8 vs $60 for...
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    Help Fixing Pool Light: Cord or Light?

    The gasket goes around the glass lens and is sandwiched by the front ring and the light fixture. I feel your pain on the cord not budging. I had a similar light where the fixture was no longer serviceable and I could not get the cord to budge. What I did was first get the ground wire loose...
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    Laars LT 250 does not stay lit

    I had a similar issue on my Laars Lx400, and fixed it twice with two different solutions. First time it was a broken wire inside the heater right at a connector. It took a while to find and I'll be candid, I forgot which one it was but it was one of the sensor wires. I also forgot the error...
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    Breakers for Pentair EasyTouch

    I have a picture attached to this post: can an EasyTouch 8SC-IC40 run 5 valve actuators? breakers, top to bottom ( from memory) single pole for the EasyTouch itself. two pole for the pump, two pole for the intellichlor and the heater single pole for the blower single pole for the pool lights...
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    What's your favorite pool gadget?

    my favorite is the screen logic app on my phone so I can fire up the spa on my way home, and turn it off from inside the house without having to visit the equipment pad.
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    Wifi at pool area

    Have you run a wifi signal analyzer on your phone to see what you might be competing with ? There are free apps for apple and android. I run a dedicated access point with wired ethernet backhaul for my backyard wifi. I run it on its own SSID, on a channel that my neighbors are not using and...
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    Pentair Screenlogic2 setup

    your protocol adapter does not look like mine. It doesn't have Pentair branding, and is missing the system ID on the end shown with the red light. this is not mine, just a picture I found on the internet, but it looks the same as mine except for different ID numbers etc...
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    ScreenLogic Issues

    what version of windoze? On Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, right click on the ScreenLogicConnect icon and select "run as administrator". You might need to enable a windows firewall rule. post back what version of Windoze you are running as there may be subtle differences. Are you running any...
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    ScreenLogic Issues

    Are there lights on the protocol adapter "interface, the one with the ethernet connection on it? Mine has a solid green light, and an intermittant flashing amber light. Are there lights on the wireless link? Mine has the left most light (pwr) solid green, the right most light ( Tx) intermittant...
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    Pentair erratic temp readings

    agree it might be a sensor. I have three temp sensors, and one died after about 18 months. and the other two are going on eight years without any problems.
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    Wetsuit ok in chlorine pool?

    I wear a long sleeve neoprene shirt and shorts for early and late season waterskiing. I hadn't really considered wearing them in the pool to extend the season. Great idea. I recall the top is either 1.5mm or 1mm. and the shorts are 2mm with 1mm side insets for flexibility. The top doesn't...
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    Replacing Pentair Amerlite, any light housing recommendations?

    I don't have any recommendations, ... but I thought I would share this link as a possible way to repair the leaky fixture. My Amerlite was leaking a few years ago and I recall seeing this thread and some others like it to seal the leak from the cord. Sadly my fixture was corroded internally and...
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    IC40 SWG not on during EasyTouch 'Clean' Cycle?

    Marty, Thanks for the comments on the weir and on the pump efficiency ( flow per watt considerations). I hadn't really focused on the flow and set the speed just fast enough to keep the debris in the skimmer. My skimmer weir has never done a good job holding debris behind it when the pump...
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    IC40 SWG not on during EasyTouch 'Clean' Cycle?

    Jim, I'm open to suggestions and comments. One reason I run my pump on a slow speed overnight is I have a lot of small debris from the trees around the pool ending up in the skimmer and when the pump shuts off the debris floats back into the pool. I have the pump set to about 400 RPM and this...
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    IC40 SWG not on during EasyTouch 'Clean' Cycle?

    Kurt, Yes I think Jim nailed the issue. I thought I would share how I set up my system as it might help you plan your schedules. I run my Pool mode from 7am to 6.58 am. overlapping all other my schedules. This gives me a low cost way to keep the pool circulating and filtering a little 24x7...
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    Replace light bulb in inground pool light fixture?

    first, make sure the power is off, switch and breaker. the fixtures I've worked with are held in with one screw, and have a few feed of cord coiled up in the back of the light niche. unscrew the screw, let it slip out of your hands and drop to the bottom of the pool ( just kidding, but it can...
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    Solar Heaters

    I have Fafco 4x10 and 4x8 panels. I've had them since 2011 when I upgraded my equipment. Only leak was at a clamp at the start of a season 1 or 2 years after they were installed. Easy to hand tighten the clamp with a socket wrench.
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    Los Angeles County fence requirements

    My removable fence was anchored into the concrete deck. This was done a few years after the pool was built and it was drilled with a large, hand-truck (aka dolly) mounted deck drill that was water cooled and noisy. When the fence is out, I have a bunch of small 1" holes in my deck and they go...
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    Landscape Lighting that meets code

    I am in the research and planning phase trying to identify what, if anything, will work in this area. I have not chosen anything and was looking for guidance and suggestions and to see if anyone else has found a solution. I appreciate your sharing that snippet. I am in agreement to err on the...