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  1. Berger82

    HELP!! Need Opinion on shape

    Thanks, we were really happy how it all turned out. Coping is Rustic Tuscany and cool deck is Arizona Sand.
  2. Berger82

    HELP!! Need Opinion on shape

    Yeah, with the corners, youre able to get some of the "curves" from a free form
  3. Berger82

    HELP!! Need Opinion on shape

    While I like the look of free form, I also had limited space to work with and an easement , so to get the most pool space, we went rectangular.
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    Official 2019 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    10lb prime rib roast smoked with pecan. Rubbed with kosher salt, coarse ground pepper, Dijon mustard, and then a special steak rub.
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    New Build - Louisiana

    The 3D shot of the equipment pad - make sure those lines are not run up through the concrete. If you ever need to make future repairs, that will make it much more difficult than just digging up some dirt.
  6. Berger82

    New Build - Texas

    Ours was grooved out during gunite shoot
  7. Berger82

    Where to purchase liquid Chlorine in Kansas

    Walmart....Great Value Brand bleach. It is 6%. In the Houston area, its running around $2.67 a gallon. Home Depot... HDX Liquid Chlorine 10% .It comes in a 3 pk (3 gallons) for $8.99 a box when you buy 4 boxes or more. $9.99 a box for 3 or less.
  8. Berger82

    Steps in applying Magic Lube II to pump basket o-ring?

    Alright, Im a dummy. I looked and sure enough, there it was. Tt was embedded pretty deep to the top of the lid and I guess I was looking for something loose and ready to flop out. I have a red gasket on my chlorinator that likes to fall off when I open it up.
  9. Berger82

    Steps in applying Magic Lube II to pump basket o-ring?

    Ill gets some photos when I get home. I can get the lid on extremely tight.
  10. Berger82

    Steps in applying Magic Lube II to pump basket o-ring?

    Ive looked multiple times...nothing. When I run the pump on high, theres only a pea size bubble.
  11. Berger82

    Steps in applying Magic Lube II to pump basket o-ring?

    Does every pump have an O ring?? I would assume yes, but from day 1 , Ive never had one on my pump basket. Not sure if it was lost during installation or what.
  12. Berger82

    Fiberglass 16x40 DIY install (PICS)

    Flowable fill (flow fill, slurry) is like a liquid concrete w/o all the cement. Most mixes are low psi's and you can actually excavate back through it, if needed. It a very fast and efficient way to backfill as JP mentioned, it finds every nook and cranny.
  13. Berger82

    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    I would think twice about queen palms. You may have noticed how many got wiped out with our hard freeze in Dec 2017. My neighbor had to remove the 2 he had. After doing some research, we went with windmill palms, very cold hardy.
  14. Berger82

    Hot climates chime in.. how much CYA do you lose?

    Looked at my water temp today, 95. Felt like a bath. This heat here this weekend is warming everything up. I'll tell you a story that kinda perplexes me but is relevant. We've been on a few 5-14 day vacations since the end of June and have had to use pucks to mantain chlorine while away. I've...
  15. Berger82

    Diving into the SWCG world

    Yes, surprisingly it has not changed $1 in the last 6 years. We'll see how much the pool electricity costs since we're just over a year since being installed and I'm waiting on my renewal price.
  16. Berger82

    Diving into the SWCG world

    Thanks. I actually use to run my pump 24/7 but then I started thinking more about wear and tear. Im not too concerned about electricty use, I pay a flat rate each month. When you say, "wire them together with a timer", do you mean the existing timer in the control panel, or a new separate timer?
  17. Berger82

    Diving into the SWCG world

    Alright so Im seriously considering installing a SWCG. Im already through pg 8 of this forum which has brought up a reoccurring question for myself. Equipment wise - I have a VS pump with NO automation. My pumps run on high (90%) from 11 am - 6 pm and then low (40%) from 6 pm to 1 am. I keep...
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    Adding cal hypo 73% - how?

    I dissolved 2 lbs at a time in a 5 gallon bucket stirring with my kid's old snorkel . Pour out half in the deep end and then add some more water to the bucket and stir some more.
  19. Berger82

    Bought a pool that came with a house, now what?

    Save the pucks for when youre out of time for a prolonged period or on vacation. Knowing your CYA beforehand, you can calculate exactly how much CYA X number of pucks will add to your water. If you are already 60+ PPM, Id be real careful on how much you add, if any. I keep a 10 lb bucket of...
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    Fire pits and pools

  21. Berger82

    HD/Lowe’s chlorine buyers chime in!

    HD in Katy off 99, stores there HDX chlorine inside. Dates have been pretty good.
  22. Berger82

    First home/First pool

    Makes sense...👍.Have always thought my CYA was at 40, guess I better start my chlorine dosing for 50. Thanks
  23. Berger82

    First home/First pool

    I get that part of it, 45=50, 55=60, but if I was to squirt the water in the vial to each increment of 10, why wouldnt I call it the number it lands on? dissapears at 50, CYA =50. Dissapears at 60, CYA=60, etc
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    First home/First pool

    mknauss, if you stop at 50, why wouldnt it be 50?
  25. Berger82

    New Jersey geometric pool build

    Not sure how wide your coping is, but we have 12" travertine and 3' of deck. That equals 4' of "walkable" space...something to consider.
  26. Berger82

    In-Ground Pool Construction St. Louis MO

    Unfortunately, I think this is how any pool builder operates. If I had my builder all to myself, youre right, the thing would be complete in 1 week. I went through a few beautiful days between my install phases sitting around thinking, they could be getting this done right now. In the end, my...
  27. Berger82

    Pool is two weeks old and I’m brand new.

    You will figure out overtime exactly what half a gallon vs the whole gallon will add. I add a gallon of 6.0 a day and call it good bc I know it will raise my cl 4-4.5. In the summer, I lose about 4.0 a day.Im not concerned about +/- .5-1.5 addition cl. Just make sure your cl doesn't fall below...
  28. Berger82

    new build in Richmond, TX

    Thank you. Never did name it but my my youngest likes to call it Stingray :giggle: