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  1. JohnA902

    Constant pH rise

    I’m in Maryland so I’m closed. Pool is 5ish years old. Plaster. I use bleach as my only chlorine source. During the season I always have to add acid to combat rising pH. I thought it was bc of the new plaster but the pool isn’t so new anymore. I just tested today, after water warmed to...
  2. JohnA902

    Do solar cover reels work?

    I have a rectangle pool. When the cover is dry it’s not too bad to accordian pull and fold the cover right off the pool by myself. But when it’s wet it’s miserable. I see these cover reels that seem to be housed on wheels and what looks like flimsy plastic. I can’t imagine it working? I...
  3. JohnA902

    Buzzing in the house? Heater capacitor?

    We heard a buzzing in the house near the electric input from the pool. It stops when pool heater is off. Another post on this forum suggests that it’s the heater capacitor. But what confuses me is that the fan still spins. I just ran the heater and put my hand over the jet and it’s not hot...
  4. JohnA902

    Pressure max out at 15 and no squirt from guage

    Opening seemed fine. But after pump was primed and things were moving I notice I don’t have good pressure and no water will squirt from the relief guage at the top of the filter. I think I might have accidentally vacuumed while NOT having the pump’s basket in there. Think I sucked up some...
  5. JohnA902

    My winter test results concern me

    I usually do a winter balance about twice during the season. Usually I have to add acid and some bleach but then all is well for a simple open in spring. I expect to open the pool this month depending on weather (perhaps in 3 weeks?). My current results are: pH - 7.5 Chlorine - 5 Calcium -...
  6. JohnA902

    Any two part epoxy work for a tile that fell off?

    At the corner of my skimmer with the rest of the pool the water seeped into a crack between tiles and a tile fell off. Will any two part epoxy work? I saw gorilla glue has one that would seem easy but I wanted to ask first. Thoughts?
  7. JohnA902

    Remove cleaner line pressure gauge during winter?

    Last year I left this little gauge on and it froze and leaked when I opened. I was thinking about taking it off during the winter but I was wondering if it would be ok to leave the system open to the elements with the gauge gone, or should I search for a plug to close the hole? Any thoughts?
  8. JohnA902

    Cyclone - is this it?

    Doing it myself this year. The 3hp model work ok? This provides the air and then I have to figure a way to connect it to the skimmer, right? Air Supply Cyclone Liner Vac |
  9. JohnA902

    Helping a newbie with a salt system

    My friend just opened his brand new plaster pool. He was ready to run to the pool store but he decided to ask me! I've been doing the TFP method for over a year now with A+ success. I was ready to run over to his house with my TF-100 test kit and a few gallons of bleach. Then he said "oh...
  10. JohnA902

    Septic Smell in basement

    Anyone have a septic system? Ever encounter this? When the weather gets rainy or changes, our basement gets a septic yuck smell. Not feces smell (sorry!) but just a smell that I associate with septic. I've had a plumber come out multiple times and all he does is seal up the black "man hole"...
  11. JohnA902

    CYA dropped to 20

    It's my least favorite test. It seems to have a mind of its own. Regardless, last week when I opened I was at CYA 30. Today I was at 20. I did it twice to double check. Full results pH - 8 FC - 5 CC - 0 CH - 325 TA- 70 CYA - 20 72 degrees with solar cover on. Crystal TFP clear. Last...
  12. JohnA902

    First Opening - Priming and getting it started?

    The purpose of this thread is to just lay out my plan (in order) since this will be my first time opening up my DE filter / pump system myself. Mostly I'm concerned about the priming of the pump and how to get it going. I have read the other opening thread but I feel this is going into more...
  13. JohnA902

    Is opening myself worth it?

    Hi, I did the TFP methods all last summer with enormous success. I decided to pay a company $235 to close my pool with a full plan to figure that out and do it myself in the future. I assumed I would be able to figure out opening by reading a few posts here. Well, now its almost spring. I...
  14. JohnA902

    Baquacil vs polyquat

    Crud! I realize when I went to Leslies I bought Baquacil algaecide and not polyquat 60. For closing I was going to add the max dose of algaecide. Think I'm ok to use this baquacil rather than polyquat? Or is the same thing? John Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. JohnA902

    pH adjustment over winter?

    Pool is new so this is its second winter. The new plaster I believe is raising the pH quite a bit. Every week I usually need to drop from 7.8 to 7.2 to keep CSI in range. My question is: to avoid scaling during the winter won't I need to keep an eye on pH? Seems like no fun at all to...
  16. JohnA902

    Pool company closing?

    What's the harm in having a pool company do my blowouts and winter chemistry? All summer I did it myself with simply bleach and acid and it was incredible. If I hand things over to the company to close won't I just be able to get it back to normal next spring when it opens? I have a porous...
  17. JohnA902

    Crystal clear but chlorine is ZERO!!??

    Ok panic time here. Had a big party on Sat. Boosted FC chlorine to 8 prior to party, I used 4.5 ppm during the party and then after the party I added FC to a total of 6. Crystal clear the whole time. (Party in 4 hrs! Any extra FC?) This morning the FC was at 5, so I thought that was ok...
  18. JohnA902

    Party in 4 hrs! Any extra FC?

    FC 4 CC 0 PH 7.6 CYA 30 CH 225 (my calcium just arrived by mail; will add tomorrow) TA 110 82 degree water that is crystal clear. Question: I'll have 16 seven year olds and 10-15 parents potentially in the pool. Should I bump the chlorine up now (at least 2 hrs before party) to 6 or 7...
  19. JohnA902

    Calcium dropped slightly

    PH 7.5 FC 4-5 TA 90 CYA 30 CH 225 CH was always 250 but rain and draining a bit must have bumped it down. My question is how can I add calcium carbonate without spending a fortune? I know Leslies sells "calcium hardness plus" but can I find the same thing at Walmart or a box hardware...
  20. JohnA902

    I shouldn't worry about this pH, right?

    FC 3-6 (depending on night/morning) CC 0 CH 300 TA 120 CYA 30 (sometimes 40 depending on that darn black dot) pH 7.3 82 degrees and sparkling perfect clear. yesterday I thought the pH test said 7.9 so I added 44 oz of muriatic acid. Now I'm at 7.3. I left the the fountains on a bit more...
  21. JohnA902

    Just curious - can high load of sunscreen cause cloudy?

    Can excessive bather sunscreen cause a cloudy pool or would it be that the sunscreen lowers the free chlorine and then algae makes it cloudy. I'm just curious, mine is sparkling. John Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. JohnA902

    Time saving idea or potential trouble?

    I've determined my pool eats 3ppm of chlorine a day, assuming full sun. That works out to me adding 104oz of 10% bleach, or 119 oz of 8.3% bleach (basically the whole bottle of Costco clorox). Anyway, I was debating the idea of rather than increasing from 3ppm to 6ppm each night, could I save...
  23. JohnA902

    Why does this method work?

    So I went to a pool party today. The pool was cloudy. I couldn't see my feet. I also couldn't believe I got in. I kept telling my wife and kids to NOT LET THE WATER GET INTO YOUR MOUTH!!!! Luckily no one at the party was a pool chemistry nerd like myself so the topic didn't come up. But if...
  24. JohnA902

    Accounting for CYA / ratio

    So I have been searching for topics on what to do if a kid poops in the pool. ( hypothetical, thank goodness this hasn't happened). I found a bunch of good stuff, one link led me to the CDCs site which suggests "raising free chlorine to 2ppm for 30 min" That is confusing. Clearly they aren't...
  25. JohnA902

    Aiming for the target FC

    Following the TFPC method, assuming the CYA is accurate, let's say the CYA FC ratio says the target FC is 5ppm. Is it bad to aim for 6ppm? Today I lost 3ppm of chlorine. 0 CC. Target says 5ppm, I just added bleach to 6ppm, assuming tomorrow it will drop another three so at least I'm near the...
  26. JohnA902

    Measuring all this stuff

    You guys have awesome ideas for everything so I'll see what you suggest for the following: What's the best way to measure 4 lbs of DE from a 25 lb bag? What do you like to measure 69 oz liquid chlorine in? Same thing for muriatic acid? Just curious. I'm using a 4 cup Pyrex measure for the...
  27. JohnA902

    2ppm FC per day?

    Pool has been open for two weeks. Mostly solar cover has been on and it's been raining and cloudy sky so minimal chlorine use. Crystal clear pool. The last two days I have burned 2ppm free chlorine. Both days have been sunny and no cover (amazing!). I added 69 oz of 10% bleach yesterday and...
  28. JohnA902

    Blanket statements on chlorine amount

    I'm sure you guys have seen this but multiple sources, ranging from local health departments, to random stuff like Arm and Hammer Baking Sodas swimming pool recommendations, make blanket statements about chlorine amount such as "free chlorine should be kept within 1-3ppm" Isn't this misleading...
  29. JohnA902

    1 week in

    So this is my first pool. I'm one week in. Just wanted to share my numbers and express my happiness. First off, the pool is so clear. It was 66 degrees but I jumped in and swam yesterday. As being a person who swims in a lot of pools, it was so clear, refreshing and not "chemically" at all...
  30. JohnA902

    Adding Jacks every other week with TFP method

    I am almost one week into my new pool being opened. I've been adding bleach as needed and everything else is in line. Crystal clear. Just for grins, I have been reading back to the pool company's maintence manual and in addition to adding pucks and algaecide on a schedule they recommend...