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    Jandy Aqualink RS4 - Doesn't boot

    My sisters pool has a Jandy Aqualink RS4 controller to operate the pump, booster pump, spa, etc. A while back it started reinitializing itself at random times. Now it just hangs during the boot process, usually with ALL the LED's lit and no display on the LCD display. Is there any hope for...
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    Is chlorine safe?

    The title was link on MSN this morning, to this story: ... &GT1=45002 I thought this crowd might find it interesting... :)
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    Deal on Intex 300 gph filter cartridges $3.88 @ Cabelas

    I just noticed these while browsing the Bargain Cave site at and thought some fellow TFP'ers might benefit. I thought it a bit odd that they had a picture of a pool filter cartridge at a hunting and fishing store, but sure enough, it's the real deal. I don't have an above...
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    Redneck Pool Heater

    This guy spent a lot of time (and quite a bit of money!) on this DIY pool heating solution! 8) I just don't know what else to say... :roll:
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    Can I use BBB after one season with Nature2?

    Last night I was reading up on borax and ended up linked to this story about BBB: At the beginning the article says "If you are using a copper/silver system – whether ionizer, Nature2™, or something else, or a baquanide system, such as...
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    Proper cleaning for coolcrete?

    We have coolcrete (The specific trade name is SunCrete according to some documents that I found from when the pool was built by the previous owners.) all the way around our pool and in some spots mold has grown in the depressions and crevices. I've pressure washed it, but I didn't want to get...