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  1. Deb04

    Can this pool marriage be saved? Renovate or demo.

    Regarding your trepidation at maintaining your own doesn’t have to be a 100% DIY thing. I maintain our water entirely. However, we have the PB open and close (with no chemicals added by them.). Also, PB is on my speed dial for when something breaks. If it’s minor, I deal with it...
  2. Deb04

    How much chlorine do I need to kill algae, given these parameters?

    You need your chlorine at 39 to do the SLAM. Raise it and keep it there until you pass the 3 criteria.
  3. Deb04

    How did you decide what kind of pool and what size of pool?

    We have vinyl. We’re in NH, so closed 7 months of the year. We went with vinyl bc of the lower cost. This is the liner’s 12 summer and it’s showing no signs of wearing out, which I credit to being a TFP from day one. I am happy with the vinyl and, if we were to do it over again, I’d do vinyl...
  4. Deb04

    Running pool equipment year round in winter / keeping small in ground pool open all year in Ohio

    Do you have a gas line, or a propane tank? If a tank, you’d also be relying on the gas being delivered every time before you run out.
  5. Deb04

    Are 70-80 CYA Levels for SWG Pools Safe?

    Why would there be a sanitation problem if he does asi do? I keep my CYA at 50 and CL at 6.
  6. Deb04

    Are 70-80 CYA Levels for SWG Pools Safe?

    Sagosto, If your household will be happy with 40-50, that really shouldn't be a problem. You may find that your SWG can't keep up with the demand and then you and your wife may have to discuss and maybe going to 60 or supplementing with bleach. I live in NH and the sweet spot for my pool is a...
  7. Deb04

    HTH PODS Stabilizer

    I've been putting them in the skimmer that has a hair net. My experience with the pods is that they're gone within an hour. I assume they're dissolved and not just sitting in the skimmer since I don't think the granules will fit through the hairnet.
  8. Deb04

    Advice required (lots to cover)

    I can help you some. I’m close to you. Get your chlorine at Ocean State Job Lot. $2.99/gallon for 12.5%. (Stay away from their CYA though.) I think there’s one on route one closer to you, but I know that there’s one in Newington in sales tax-free New Hampshire. There’s a great pool shop in...
  9. Deb04

    Testing water out of SWG

    My Chlorine consumption is higher than I’ve experienced before. It may be that its just pretty darn hot for NH, but I have a new SWG this year and I want to ensure that it’s generating Chorine. (Lights are lit properly.) Any suggestions on how to do this. Only idea I have is to put SWG on 100%...
  10. Deb04

    HTH PODS Stabilizer

    Oooo...I gotta get me some of those.
  11. Deb04

    HTH PODS Stabilizer

    Would someone share the price of the pods?
  12. Deb04

    A renter with a pool!

    Yeah, the fumes are pretty bad. I've switched to the "green" version which is 1/2 strength and costs more for the same amount of liquid. (I'm sure it's not green in the sense of any more environmentally friendly as you have to use twice as much so twice as much plastic, energy to transport...
  13. Deb04

    Maintaining someone else's pool

    Very kind of you to help her out. When she’s sufficiently through the grieving process and has a little more time, teach her how to do the testing herself so she can determine how much liquid chlorine, etc to add. I’m sure she’s overwhelmed right now, and family helping is great.
  14. Deb04

    Trying to SLAM - bleach not responding as thought

    Since you’re in NJ, you may have an Ocean State Job Lot nearby. 12.5% liquid chlorine is $2.99 for 128 oz.
  15. Deb04

    Does anyone make an instant pool warmer? (If not...million dollar idea...)

    Our heater is broken at the moment. For a bit I was filling plastic bottles with pool water and putting them in the sun. After 2-3 hours the temp in the bottles was up 15 degrees. Then dump back in the pool and repeat. Then I calculated I’d have to do this 600 times to move the pool 1 degree...
  16. Deb04

    Cannot find obvi leak, lose 1-2" water over nite

    Do you have a light housing in your pool? We’ve had to have ours repaired several times over years because it leaks.
  17. Deb04

    Does anyone make an instant pool warmer? (If not...million dollar idea...)

    Ppl with off the charts CYA will glow from all the plutonium.
  18. Deb04

    A renter with a pool!

    Welcome! The first thing you should do is order a good test kit, either TF-100 or Taylor-2006(c). That will be your primary toll in maintaining an sparkly clean pool.
  19. Deb04

    Question on Pool app

    The pool calculator had those very useful suggested levels of Chlorine with a given CYA. I can’t find that on the app. Am I just missing it?
  20. Deb04


    Welcome. What’s your goal? More time for what? Your pH is high enough. You don’t want it any higher. Sounds like you’re having an issue of some sort. Let us know what it is and we’ll try to help. BTW, Your Chlorine is very low given your stabilizer (CYA) level and your CYA is way too...
  21. Deb04

    Cloudy Pool

    You may have an Ocean State Job Lot in your area. If you do, they carry 12.5% pool “shock” (bleach) for $2.99/gallon.
  22. Deb04

    Circuit Breaker Tripping

    Yes, it's a GFCI. Yes, it trips with nothing on.
  23. Deb04

    Circuit Breaker Tripping

    We have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. The pool heater, SWG, and pool light are all on it. The SWG was replaced by the PB about a month ago, but the first time the circuit breaker tripped was before it was it was replaced, so I don't think it was installed wrong. Do I need to...
  24. Deb04

    Is CYA Absolutely Necessary???

    You’re also using a lot of electricity running your pump 24/7, which you wouldn’t needed to do with some CYA.
  25. Deb04

    New to having a pool/trouble with chemicals

    I’m close to you, on the NH Seacoast. You have Ocean State Job Lot, which is a life saver for liquid chlorine. Full gallons of 12.5% for $2.99 each. No dates on the bottle, but they’ve always been fresh. Until you get your test kit, add 1/2 bottle of the 12.5% liquid chlorine per day. Once...
  26. Deb04

    New Member in New Jersey

    You may have an Ocean State Job Lot near you. If you do, they have “liquid pool shock” (12.5%) for $2.99 a gallon . It’s the best price I’ve seen personally, although I’ve heard of better in special sales. Ocean State is pretty well stocked for pool chemicals. Just stay away from Aqua Mate brand...
  27. Deb04

    1st test results : under shock

    Your powder shock may have CYA in it too. Just use liquid chlorine from now on.
  28. Deb04

    Pools Opens Black Every Year

    * I can tell you this isn't foolproof. We closed when the water was 55. Opened when the water was 47. Algae. It wasn't black, but it was medium green.
  29. Deb04

    Pump losing pressure and I can't do anything about it

    The mallet worked and the pressure is back up. Thanks.
  30. Deb04

    Pump losing pressure and I can't do anything about it

    We got a new pump this year. Picture below. We opened 8 days ago to green water and I've been SLAMming since then (minus day 2 when we were down bc the motor broke, resulting in new motor and pump.) Making progress, but not done. Water is clear now, but still getting algae on the bottom...