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    Test numbers for bleach OR SWG??

    Good evening TFP peeps... Unsure what level to get my FC to be at IN ORDER to start using SWG??? Just filled up pool this past Sunday. Started CYA right away. Added Bleach Tuesday to match CYA levels at the time. Added more the next day and again today. Now my test results today (see below)...
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    New pool....New water!!

    Hello all TFP peeps... We just got our pool filled up on Sunday. Waiting for CYA to dissolve (added this morning around 11:30). Did get a little rain last night.😏 May get a little more tonight. 😩 Have read where CYA levels take 24 hours to be fully dissolved and accurate. Can I or should I...
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    Test kit solutions??

    Hello just curious if my test kit solutions are still okay to use from last year?
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    Cloudy blue after SLAMing for two straight weeks!!

    Hello TFP peeps..... I know this has been discussed one million times but I'm about to give up!! We have been SLAMing now for 2 weeks, with filter/pump running 24/7, brushing, etc...We did go from a nasty green swamp, but we're stuck with cloudy blue now. We have been maintaining an FC of 20...
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    Leaving town in the middle of slam!!! ☹️

    We are on day 6 of our SLAM to clear up our green swamp!!!! It is now at a very cloudy blue status so we are making progress. I think!! =\ Unfortunately we have to leave town tomorrow until Sunday!! What can I do to prevent it from turning to a swamp again while we’re gone?? I do have a...
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    Still salt in water the next year???

    We have been SLAMing our pool since Saturday 6/2/2018. It was a slimy dark green swamp. It is now a very cloudy blue and we still can’t see the bottom. I know we’re making progress but my question is....IF the pool had salt in it from last year but water level dropped just under half full, and...
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    Changing out the return jet

    Can I change out the existing water return jet that came with my Bestway/Coleman pool even if the water level is above the jet. This jet has no adjustable eyeball. New one that came with sand filter does. Sorry if this is talked about somewhere else.
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    Green pool

    With 3 or 4 different days of rain recently, my pool water has turned clear green. I had my FC at shock level right before the first rain (new pool water) This morning FC was 7 after the OCLT which was 7.5 last night. Cya last night was 65-70. I don't feel like I have algae. It has tons of dirt...
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    CYA still low?? And Ph high?

    My CYA is still low. Here are my numbers this morning. Do I need to add more stabilizer?? CYA 55-60 (added 4 lbs in sock 5 days ago) FC-8.5 (coming down from shock level two days ago) CC-0 Ph-8 (also still high) Still has dirt on bottom and now leaves from last nights storm. Will be...
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    My numbers this morning??

    New pool set up. My test numbers this morning. CYA- 55-60 (added 4 lbs CYA over past two days) FC-21 (shocked with bleach yesterday) CC-0 TA-180 Ph-8.0 I do not have a way to "aerate" the pool so I plan to add about 67 oz of Muriatic acid to lower TA. Will this lower my Ph too much? Also, can...
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    Help me with dirt on pool bottom

    How do I vacuum pool with only a cartridge filter system?? No through the wall skimmer either. My Coleman (Bestway) pool only came with net vacuum that attaches to garden hose!!
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    Converting to Intex sand filter

    If I convert from cartridge filter to Intex sand filter, do I have to have a through the wall skimmer? Or will the dual suction "B" hoses be sufficient?
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    Best way to start up or shock for SWG

    Just added salt to pool yesterday. About to start SWG running today. What's the best way to shock or boost the pool to start getting levels where they need to be? And when do I add CYA?
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    The Pool Blaster Catfish review??

    I think I've seen somewhere on here about using this type of pool vacuum....The Pool Blaster Catfish. ***How many of you folks use this and can I get some feedback about it??**** I get really tired of vacuuming on waste and replenishing our water......vacuuming on filter just blows it back...
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    Are my test results even close to where they need to be??

    Hello everyone.... :wave: Here are my results from tonight.... FC: 6 TA: 110 Cya: 50 Ph: 7.9-8 (that is taken with OTO drop kit from Walmart as I realized I had the T-50 test kit) CC: 0 (from this morning and this evening) Water is clear, temp about 82 with a little dirt in the bottom...
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    Using Trichlor 3" pucks along with SWG???

    Hello everyone.... :lol:...I'm sure this answer is somewhere in this website....but finding it is tough with so many threads so heres my question..... I have a FC has stayed between 3.5 and 6 for over a week now.....shocking once right after filling up with new liner......
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    Turning off the SWG while swimming???

    Why should the SWG be turned off while swimmers are in the pool??? I just read this on a different thread that the SWG should be turned off while swimmers are in the pool, can someone give me an insight to this?? I must have missed this info in my SWG manual. Thanks!!!
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    Using Tapatalk app with TFP

    This is probably a silly question, but..... How do I use the Tapatalk app with my Iphone??? I downloaded the app and searched for TFP but was not able to find it??? Hope this isn't wrong to ask this on here!!! Thanks!! :wave:
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    Why does my water look DULL??

    Good Morning..... Here are my test results from this morning...with the TF-100 kit....and really the first time I've done every step of the test. Pool has been newly filled for about 2 weeks....has rained twice since....shocked once after the first rainfall. FC=4 CC=0 TC=4 Ph=7.8 TA=230...
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    Are my TF-100 reagents old??

    Hello.....I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed...(would take forever to get through 107 pages to find it)... :sleep: please forgive me if it's a repeat. I purchased the TF100 test kit last pool water stayed green for forever so we just let it go....anyway...we...
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    Return jet pressure ok?

    This may not be the thread to ask this question, but...if I may.... I have the opposite problem with my jet flow/ is super fast!!! We did change our sand about three years ago....we have a 1hp pump....unfortunately I have no idea what size my filter is....(I can't find that...
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    Opening my left over swamp of a pool

    Okay, I have had a couple of threads going recently discussing converting to SWG and power washing my liner.....anyway, our pool has only about 2 feet of water in it as we didn't cover it over the winter and it is a total green swamp...originally we thought of just draining it and refilling it...
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    Can we "gently" power wash the liner before we refilling??

    We will be draining our pool and refilling it this year upon opening....I have other threads discussing SWG which we are converting to....but my question is: Could we "gently" power wash the vinyl liner upon cleaning as we have a lot of calcium/mineral scale buildup a long the walls??? We...
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    Converting to PVC plumbing for AGP w/ Intex SWG

    When we open our pool this season, we are switching to a SWG (I've had another thread going on this topic).....But we have also thought about changing to PVC instead of flexible hoses for our pump and filter. Could some one post some pics of their PVC setup and give a few pointers on what...
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    Converting my AGP to a Salt water system

    Hello....Some info leading up to my question: We did not cover our pool this winter because it does no good with the high winds of west texas that only tear the cover....therefore we will be draining and cleaning our pool before filling it back up. I am wanting to convert to an Intex Salt...
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    Too much sand in filter????

    Can you have too much sand in a sand filter??? I have, I believe an 18" Hayward Sand filter system with a 1 hp pump used for a 24 round above ground pool/13,500 gallons. If so, could this cause it not to filter properly???
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    Leigh Ann in Levelland

    Hello :wave: name is Leigh Ann....I live about 30 miles west of Lubbock Tx...we have had our AG pool for about 7 years now....however, for the past 2 years, we did not cover/winterize it....last year we just drained it and started over...this year we just added water and started digging...
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    Swamp green!!!!

    My pool is swamp green...we have tried ever thing the pool store has told us to do...still unchanged over about a 3-4 week period....HELP...any suggestions?? Thanks!!