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    I need some level assistance- I don't want to screw this up!

    Here are my levels: FAC 5 TAC 5 PH 7.3 TA 50 Ca Harness 130 CYA 25 I have a 33k gal guinite pool with heater. What should I adjust first? I don't want to screw this up for the upcoming weekend. I finally have my pool clear! I am also unclear why my chlorine levels are high. I shocked last...
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    pool levels

    I have been battling my algea problem and I feel that I am heading in the right direction. The shallow area is now pretty clear and I can "ALMOST" see the bottom of the deep end. The water is still a bit green and someone cloudy. (However much, much better then last weekend!) However, we...
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    Pool Water Hardness

    [b] Could you tell me the best way to increase the water hardness? I have a guinite pool. Is there a cheaper way of raising the level with out buying it from the pool store?
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    gunite wall problem

    I have a gunite pool that is suffering from some scaling (a few patches of gunite {a thin layer} have chipped off the walls). I now have my Hardness level back to where it should be. My question is: What is the best solution for the repair? Is a marble dust the only solution? Iam looking for...
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    algae-cant get rid of it

    I have been fighting algae all summer. Everytime I think I have it under control I lose again. My levels are as follows: FC 5 TC 5 PH 7.6 ALk 120 Hardeness 200 CYA 30 I loaded up the pool with about 10 gal of bleach on Sun and poored in 2 gal last night and 1.5 gal this morning. The...
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    cloudy green pool

    I have an approx 31,000-33,000 Guinite pool w/ sand filter that is causing me headaches. I have yet to get it clear after being opened for a month. Last week the pool totally turned green on me. It was never clear since I opened it. However the swamp as my family called it was terrible. I...