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    Ever Heard of Using Root Out in Pools?

    Hi guys - long time no type to. Some people around me are using a product called "Root Out" in lieu of algaecide in their pools and swear by it. It is a product designed for septic tanks. Any of you experts know anything about it? Still have ultra high CYA on pool opening but I'll just have...
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    Algae ID Please

    I'm the guy with high CYA who has converted to the BBB pool method. For the last two weeks I have maintained FC above 20ppm. I have used PolyQuat 60 at the "algae present" levels. Now I have what looks like algae at the seams on the bottom of the liner. Some accumulation away from the seams...
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    Question For Those on BBB Method With Normal Pools

    Facts: You use the BBB method and your pool is stabilized (no way out test numbers). You have to add bleach on an on-going basis to maintain FC where you'd like it to be. Questions: Total gallons of your pool = ? FC level you try to maintain = ? Amount of...
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    CYA Remover/Reducer

    Yeah, right! Ace Hardware store having pool sections sell it by the gallon, however. I questioned the guy about it and he sheepishly said it didn't do much to lower his CYA when he used it in his pool. When he walked over to another customer I read the entire jug - no where on the jug were...
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    Swell Addition to TF-100 Test Kit

    I guess you'd call this thingy a pipette syphon and it's about 9 inches long (est.). Got it at Wal-Mart in the cooking supplies. With it I can dip the tip as deep in the pool as I care to and get more than enough water for the tests I plan to make. You can fill a test tube to each fill line...
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    Use New Chemicals!!

    Hi everybody. I won't go into detail here for fear of embarassing myself but I have learned the hard way not to use 4+ year old chemicals when testing the pool. I got Dave's TF test kit yesterday and most areas were either higher or lower than I had been accustomed to seeing after testing with...
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    Another CYA Question

    S'me again, Margaret...... I would like to report that I have eliminated chlorine block using Ultra bleach and the BBB method. Now, my CYA is still sky high and I understand no chemicals will lower it. Here's my question: Will it lower over time on it's own? I looked for this for a long...
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    South Carolina here

    So proud to be here. I'm sure you young guys and gals need one ole retired curmudgeon just for stability and variety, right? Promise I won't get in the way but I do plan to take full advantage of all the good knowledge "floating" around here on the forum. Jim