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    Pentair Mastertemp heater problems

    Hi all- I've got some time at home now with self-isolation, so I'm working on my pool equipment. My 8-year-old Mastertemp 400 won't stay lit. It's not throwing any diagnostic codes- the burner fires, but it smells bad like it is not burning right, and it even sounds wrong (deep rumble- more...
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    In a bit of a pickle with working on my Savi Melody LED lights. Anybody with experience with working on them?

    tl;dr- I can't get my Savi Melody light out to replace it. Any tips? Long version- I have 5 Savi Melody (now owned by Jandy/Zodiac) lights in my pool. 2 of them have failed and been dead for years (pool was built in 2012). This year I finally got motivated to try to fix them, so I bought a...
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    Man I love this site- it is very empowering

    I get a little lazy over the winter with my pool cuz the margin of error is so much bigger. A little over 3 weeks ago as I was getting ready for a vacation, I checked the pool temp (still low 50s), and saw the forecast still had a lot of storms, so I just went out and dumped some chlorine in...
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    Shocking the pool even though CC=0?

    Hi all- My water is clear and looks great, and the chemistry looks fine when I measure it (numbers below). But lately I have noticed a faint smell- a "pool smell" of chloramines or otherwise not very fresh that makes me think its not getting sanitized enough. I've asked my wife and kids if...
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    Am I missing any diagnosis steps for my Whisperflo Pump?

    One of my pumps quit working this week- might be related to the colder weather (temps have dipped into the upper 20's overnight), but I don't know. We don't get cold enough here to really warrant a full winterization- this is as cold as it gets. This is just a pump for the waterfall, so the...
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    Can anybody here recommend some nicheless lights to replace my Savi Melody lights?

    I have 5 Savi Melody lights in my pool, and 2 of them have died. With a 40% failure rate and abundant stories online about other people experiencing the same, I'm not that thrilled with just dumping more money into new Savi Melody lights. It seems that Jandy has some that could be drop-in...
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    Sanity check here before I replace a valve actuator

    I have 2 Compool/Pentair CSA-24 valve actuators. One of them isn't working- doesn't respond either from the manual switch or from commands from the controller. I removed the cover of both of the actuators. When I probe AC voltage coming into the unit, I get 29 VAC on both the good and bad...
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    My battle with white flakes from my SWG continues

    I know- there are lots of threads on this. I just took out my spacer cell and put my SWG back in a little over a week ago and I am already getting lots of white flakes. Can somebody point out whats wrong with my numbers here? According to my calculations, my CSI is just slightly positive...
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    Valve actuators and freeze protection- valves not switching?

    This is a new problem for me this year. I tried turned on the spa on one of the cold nights this week when it was below freezing (freeze protection was on). I turned it on from my phone (Pentair screen logic), but after 30 minutes I checked the temp and it had barely budged. I went outside...
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    Any complications from compost getting in the pool?

    I've been doing some landscaping projects, and I have a pile of compost on the side of the yard that I bought. There has been some wind this week and its blown compost into the pool- a fine black layer all on the bottom. I brushed it off of the steps and the cleaner is sucking up the rest to...
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    Rust colored spots

    I've noticed a couple of small rust-looking spots in the shallow end of the pool. The pool is an in-ground pool that was built a little over a year ago with a plaster finish (technically its DiamondBrite). Anything to be concerned about?
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    5 year old just had a diarrhea accident in the pool

    From searching the forums here it looks like close the pool and super-chlorinate. How long should I wait before allowing people back in the pool? Chemistry was good when the accident happened.
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    Is there any difference between R-0012 and R-0012C?

    There is a 2oz R-0012C for ~$6 (including shipping) at Amazon, but the .75oz R-0012 is almost $7 with shipping. Are they the same thing?
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    Liability: What are some basic steps for pool owners to take

    I read this article today: ... e-charges/ It got me thinking- what are steps that pool owners should take to limit liability in cases like this? Pools can fall under an attractive nuisance doctrine. How much is enough to protect yourself? Right now we...
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    My daughter is complaining that her eyes hurt after swimming

    I can't figure out why. Here are my numbers from today from my Taylor K-2006- I can't find anything wrong with them. This is an in-ground plaster pool with SWG: PH: 7.4 FC: 9.8 CC: 0 TA: 70 CH: 425 CYA: somewhere around 40-50- like many others I struggle with this test :-D Salt: ~3400 I...
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    Did I do something wrong with my salt?

    Our pool was built last year. I have a salt cell and last year I measured the salt at ~3400ppm and the salt cell was working great, and we could hardly taste any salt in the water. I live in a fairly moderate climate so I didn't have to fully close the pool for the winter (just removed the...
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    Whats the trick in cleaning out the pump filter basket?

    When the pump is running I see a bunch of junk in there (dead bugs, leaves, etc). As soon as the pump stops, it all gets sucked back up the pipe. Is there a trick to get this stuff out?
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    Freeze protection mode is slowly draining my spa

    I turned on my spa last night for a New Years Eve dip, but when we got out there we discovered that the water level in the spa was down significantly (over a foot). It wasn't that way earlier in the day. Since then I have checked it a few times and it seems that when the freeze protection mode...
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    Whoops- I left my test kit outside overnight in the rain

    The individual regent bottles were closed, but the blue case was left open and had a bunch of rain in it. Are the regents still good? This is a Taylor K-2006, btw.
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    Whats the opinion here of Pooltec and Beautec for SWG pools?

    Are they worth the money to use in maintenance dosages? Details: Our pool is a little over 2 months old and I maintain it myself. I've been using Pooltec every week for the last month based on the recommendation of the guy that did our start-up service (he normally only services commercial...
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    Which do I believe for TA

    I had been testing with a test kit and was around 80. In the past couple of days it dropped to 70 so I was planning on adding some baking soda. Happened to test with some test strips that I have and according to that it looks like it is 100-120. The test kit is a basic one that I got with a...
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    Any suggestions for a screw-on cap for a return?

    Our plumber threw in a return line (isolated by a manual valve) that is just a threaded opening on the floor of the pool. This is in the middle of a Caribbean shelf and is intended to be used as a fountain by screwing in a short pipe there so it can shoot water in the air. I'm looking for a...
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    Newbie question about valve actuator settings

    Brand new pool and the equipment hasn't been programmed yet (intellitouch i7+3- I've just had the filter pump running 24x7 so far to filter out plaster dust, etc). This is a pool+spa with shared equipment. What I am trying to understand is what valve setting combinations I will use at...
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    Small leak from a light?

    We put 5 Savi Melody lights in our new pool (first time pool owner). At the equipment pad, one of the 5 conduits for the lights has filled with water and is (very) slowly spilling over, so there is a small wet spot on the concrete around it. Talking with the installer, his take was that it...
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    ScreenLogic protocol adatper update failed

    Brand new first-time pool owner, and this is my first post (of likely many). I set up my ScreenLogic protocol adapter with my intellitouch and it was working, but the SW version that I had on my PC that came with the screenlogic didn't seem to match the documentation online (mine is version...