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    What to use to raise calcium level

    Can I use hydrated or barn lime to raise the calcium level in my pool? Never had to do this when I had a liner pool, but now need to do. Would rather buy something than the magic calcium increaser they over price at the pool store.
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    Hayward SwimPure Plus question

    I have had a pool for 20 years that I used BBB method on, but have moved to Florida and am buying a home that has a salt system installed. It is a Hayward Swimpure Plus. What do I need to check out to make sure it works before I buy the house. I could not find a model number on it but there...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Just opened my pool, and it looked fairly good, just slightly cloudy. Put some chlorine in and turned on the pump and came out to a pool the next morning that was very cloudy the next morning and I could not see the bottom. Added more chlorine and checked and found pH down around 6.4. I had...
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    Heat pump advice needed

    My 18 year old heat pump failed the end of last season and I need a new one? Looking for recommendations on brand. I have a 20 by 40 IG in New Jersey that I keep the solar cover on when not in use. Would like the water 80-84 degrees. Typically have pool up and running the end of April and...
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    Advice wanted on what heat pump to buy

    My 20 year old heat pump just bought the farm, so I am in the market for a new one. Looking for suggestion into brand and sizing. The current one was 85,000 BTU/Hr for my 20x40 IG pool in Northern NJ. I am thinking something slightly bigger might work better. Suggestions ???
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    Did I just mess up big time or what :(

    Let me start out by saying I have had my pool for 18 years and have never really had any issues. But boy did I create one yesterday. My wife had a woman over a few days ago who had some sort of self bronzer on, which I attribute to an oil sheen I first noticed on the water surface that night...
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    replacement filter needed for Dolphin

    I just took my Dolphin Primal X3 out of the pool and one of the filter screens is ripped. Where is the best place to get replacements and how much? Is it possible to just buy the fine screens and glue them in rather than spend the money for the entire set of replacements?
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    Dolphin mx3

    Any opinions on the Dolphin Primal X3 ???
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    Dolphin Primal X3 (Supreme M3) any good, any problems?

    Looking for a new cleaner as my Blue Pearl just died. Came across the Dolphin Primal X3 and was wondering if it would be good for my 20 by 40 vinyl IG pool. How do its filter screens compare to the bag filters that I am used to. Will it climb walls well? Is it safe on the liner. Should I...
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    Blue Pearl dead, need advice on new cleaner or a fix.

    My Blue Pearl cleaners seems to have died so I either need a fix or a recommendation for what to replace her with for my 20 by 40 IG vinyl pool. When I push the green button on the power unit it lights up green while I hold it but the unit does nothing, when I let go the light goes off. I...
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    Anyone know about Pureion Wave Any clue what this magic chemical free system is, how it works, and if it is worthwhile?
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    Warning for Blue Diamond / Blue Pearl users!!!!

    I just replaced the drive and traction belts in my blue pearl and decided to replace the blue cleaning pads while I was at it even though they looked like they were in good condition. I was shocked when I compared the old ones to the new ones as to how worn the old ones were. I just replaced...
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    Best Robot for my Vinyl liner ?????? Help

    I just replaced the liner on my 20x40 IG pool and would like to know which robotic cleaner will be the safest for use on the liner. I have a Blue Pearl that has worked well for about five years. I need new belts from the motor to the drive section and the filter bag could probably use...
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    IG Liner info needed

    Went to open my pool and found the liner is ripped, time for a new one :( The pool is a 20 x 40 with walk-in steps. If it matters its a Foxx Pool. What should I expect to pay for a new liner (installed) in Morris County NJ. Is there anything special I should look for? Are 24 or 28 mil...
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    Blue Pearl $399 Today only

    Just noticed that the special of the day at is the blue pearl for $399 -- today only. I buy lots of stuff there, good outfit and great price.
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    Pool want more chlorine than was made this year :)

    I cannot seem to feed my pool enough chlorine. Woke up after a heavy rain last week to find the pool milky white. Chlorine was down to about 1ppm and pH was low. Started adding bleach, about 5 96oz bottles. Pool turned dark green, and pH was even lower. This weekend I have added 20 gallons...
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    Lost 5,000 gallons and liner floated big time -- what to do?

    HELP! A pipe broke last night and my 20x40 IG vinyl pool lost about 5,000 gallons of water and the liner has floated big time. At first I thought the bottom collapsed in the shallow end as the floor was uneven by about a foot, but then I saw that it was the liner that was up by about a foot on...
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    I'm impressed with my new Intelliflow Pump!!

    While I don't have all the kinks out of my piping system yet, this pump will be saving me a lot of electricity. I just checked and when the pump is operating at 45gpm it draws 1,860 watts but when I drop it to 35 GPM the wattage drops all the way down to only 1,140. I was running last night at...
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    Intelliflow pump install problem - help

    I just started up my new pump and it is leaking where the threaded pvc pipe goes into the outlet of the pump. The instructions say to NOT use teflon tape but to use pipe joint compound. I did that, and it sat for several days before I started it up - but it leaked quite a bit. Cut the pipe...
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    Just got my Intelliflow 3.2kw, any advice about installing?

    Just got my Intelliflow 3.2kw pump (sitting in my livingroom). Does anyone have any advice about installing it or setting it up. How important is it to have straight run of pipe for the inlet. It is asking for about 10", while my old Hayward Super II only had about 3" of straight pipe before...
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    Need a new InGround Pump for my 20x40 pool

    Well my pump bought the farm at the end of last year, it was a Hayward Super-II pump 1.5 hp. What should I replace it with that might use less power. I have a heatpump, but last year ran mostly with a pair of 2'x20' (80 sqFt total) solar mats that ran on a bypass line. Is it worth buying one...
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    Pump Dead :( What should I replace it with????

    My Hayward 1.5hp 220v Super-II Pump just shorted out. Don't think it worth replaceing the motor. What should I replace it with - another Hayward Super-II or is there something "better"???
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    Breaker tripped - where should I start looking???

    I notice at 9:30am this morning that water was not circulating. I checked the timer and see it had turned the pool on but stopped at that moment. The breaker at the pool was tripped for the pump. Reset it and tried again and it immediately tripped. Pump was working fine yesterday. What...
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    Installing anchors for winter cover ?

    I just ordered a winter cover that has brass anchors that get installed into the concrete decking around the pool. Can anyone who has done this give me some advice on how it should be done, what problems I might run into and any other tips or tricks before I start. Thanks
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    How much CYA in a Puck?

    How much CYA will a 3" Tri-Chlor puck add to say 10,000 gallons of pool water?
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    My Solar Heat is BETTER than Yours! ;)

    Thought I would post a couple of pictures of my solar heating system: Yup, my "Solar Heater" is an 85,000 BTU/Hr ELECTIRC Heatpump that is fed by my 10KW PV solar Array. I also have 80sqft of true solar mats I am playing with :)
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    What go in my water :(

    Rolled back the solar cover yesterday morning to find the white walls on my vinyl liner to be covered in something orange brown - YUK. Shocked and brushed the pool and ran my Blue Pearl all day. When I cleaned the filter bag it was covered in what looked like a greenish brown paste. What do...
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    Chemicals is the water

    I always thought that one of the most sensitive creatures to chemicals were frogs. I always hear that dead frogs or no frogs is the tell tale sign of a chemical problem in the environment. So why is it that I always have frogs in my pool. They love to hang out in the skimmer as lots of bugs...
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    Solar installation question

    I recently bought some Sungrabber panels on e-bay. They are 2' wide by 20' long. They claim that they should be installed in what I consider a very strange manner. At one end the right side of the header says inlet and the left side says outlet. While at the far end there are caps on both...