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  1. rowiac

    Testing pH with high FC?

    Why not use a pH meter as someone mentioned earlier? Mine works well and as long as I wait for the numbers to stabilize, gives me consistent readings.
  2. rowiac

    Drop and swirl, or drop drop drop drop drop and swirl

    It seems like what you are doing would be fine. Consider saving up for the SpeedStir, though. It's definitely the way to go--as others have already said.
  3. rowiac

    Improving accuracy and repeatability in FAS-DPD tests

    I definitely agree on the SpeedStir--it makes testing fun, sort of. On the SampleSizer, though, I have resisted buying one because I can't bring myself to spend $22 on a piece of aluminum. After a bit of research on how to use it, I realized it also forces you to use the specific Taylor...
  4. rowiac

    DPD Powder

    I use the light on the SpeedStir to help determine the last drop. There will be a very slight pink tinge left and one more drop removes it. I do not subtract that last drop. It sounds like you would go one more drop to make sure there is no further change. If you do that, how does it impact...
  5. rowiac

    DPD Powder

    The instructions that came with my TF-100 kit do not even mention the 25ml test--only the 10ml, so now I see that this comes from the Taylor kit instructions. For the 10ml test, I follow the tftestkits instructions, which is one slightly rounded scoop of powder. So, I have never...
  6. rowiac

    CYA sock method question

    The sock will filter out any big chunks of CYA and what comes out of the sock should dissolve easily in the return jet stream. When you squeeze the sock, a small cloud of CYA will be released but it will be dispersed quickly. Mainly the sock slows the release of the CYA to avoid undissolved...
  7. rowiac

    Cleaning the FAS-DPD scoop

    I believe the TF-100 kit says to use a single heaping scoop. That's what I do, just making sure the powder is mounded up a bit and dump it in. I think that two scoops, level or not, would be a waste.