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  1. Dominique81

    Finally taking ownership and would like to check if I do things correct?

    10 days ago I filled up the pool from our rain water collecting tank. Next day I had the following test results: FC 1.4 CC 0 pH 7.5 TA 50 CH 130 CYA 40 Temp 61 CSI -0.93 First I have adjusted total alkalinity by adding baking soda (2900 grams in total) till I reached 70. Hereafter I adjusted...
  2. Dominique81

    Getting started

    Happy new year everybody! When I bought my house I also managed to buy a Taylor K-2006 test kit which was recommended here on the website. Did my first test in October: FC 8.0 CC 0 TA 50 CYA 50 BOR 0 PH 7.2 In the pool math app it shows as 72 could not get it changed to 7.2? CH 150 We hired...
  3. Dominique81

    Little introduction from a new pool owner

    Happy new year everybody! My name is Dominique and living in Spain. Thank you Leebo for your message in September last year. I will go through it again as I had to go back to work. Slowly I will get there!! In September I started reading about maintaining your own pool and somehow, I ended...