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    Jandy J-Box got water in it over winter

    So, I opened my pool today and was trying to get my Jandy PDA to just kept saying "waiting". I figured it may be a problem with the RF channel it was set to. In any event, I opened the J-box, and a bunch of water came out. We had lots of windblown rain over the winter and I guess...
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    Jandy LX400 - Ignitor Bad (I think)

    Been a long time since I've posted....So, we just got back from a week away and spent some time in the pool yesterday. I went to turn on the heater for the spa, and found that it won't light. I'm pretty sure that the igniter has gone bad (heater's about 4 years old). I've had this same...
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    Expected FC output from AquaPure 1400 @ 100%

    I think I have an issue with something eating my FC levels. That said, I also have a question with what sort of FC level I should expect coming out of my return with my AquaPure at 100%. Based on taking a water sample from my sheer decent, I am measuring 5.5 FC level coming directly from the...
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    Lbs of Chlorine from SWG to Bleach comparison

    I'm trying to figure out how long I need to run my pump and at what level I need to run my new Jandy AquaPure. I currently have my pump running 12 hours/day (2am - 5am; 12pm - 9pm) with my AquaPure at 80%. My basic numbers are FC 1.5; CC 0; PH 7.5 (constantly adding acid); Alk 80; CH 280; CYA...
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    Jandy LX Heater Flashback/Blowback Issue on Heater Startup

    I'm entering my third year with my pool in South Jersey. This year, I'm having a problem with my Jandy LX heater. It "flashes back" when attempting to start up. In the past 2 years, this happened once or twice as there were spider webs and the like in the venturis. This year, I attempted to...
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    compact solar heating module

    Has anyone seen this solar pool heating module before? I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with it and whether multiple units could be easily connected into 2" PVC plumbing for an in-ground pool (here's the link: ... 30/I/50589 )
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    Which Metal Sequestrant

    So, I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum, but here goes.... I've been using Jack's Magic Blue as my sequestrant of choice. I'm using BBB with an LQ with my water chemistry maintained in the following range: FC: 5-7 PH: 7.5 ALK: 70 CA: 290 CYA: 50 I use sequestrant because I...
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    Hotel Pool Water Testing Observation

    So, I was at a local large chain business hotel ("CY") working out in the gym this morning....pool is right in front of me through the windows. In walks the maintenance guy with a couple small taylor bottles with yellow and red caps and a test block from a k-2005 kit. He kneels over to get...
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    small leak at filter clamp

    my PB came by over the weekend to fix a problem with my heater. Today as I was working in the pool area, I noticed that my pressure was lower than normal and I had a small leak at the filter clamp. I ended up tightening the clamp as it was not fully tightened. We after getting as tight as I...
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    Jandy LX400k BTU - Air Flow Sw error

    So, pool was opened on Tuesday last week. Due to my schedule, I didn't get a chance to kick on the heater to make sure everything was working properly. Well, I tried today as I was hoping for a little spa time. Unfortunately, after several attempts where I was first getting a simple AGS error...
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    pool opened....problem?

    So, I had a local poolstore open my pool. I have someone open and close...I do all the rest. Anyway, I got home last night around 8 and went to check on things. My maindrain is plumbed into the far skimmer and uses a diverter valve...I wish I knew to ask about this before starting the...
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    worth it to replace farily new pump?

    My pool isn't but about 2 years old, but I have been seeing a lot about variable speed and 2 speed pumps being much more energy efficient that it is making me wonder if it would be worth my while to replace my pump. The PB put in a 2HP Jandy Plus HP pump (i believe it's the up-rated version, if...
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    AquaRite vs. AquaPure vs. AutoPilot

    I'm thinking about installing a SWCG this season, and am trying to determine which one to go with. Is there any real difference in the performance and reliability of these 3 SQCGs? Does anybody know whether the AquaRite or AutoPilot can integrate with a Jandy AquaLink automation system?
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    Using Solar Cover on Large Inground Pool

    Let me start off by saying that over the past year of pool owership, I have found this forum to be very helpful. Thanks to everyone. Let me also say that I am not sure that this is the best section of the forum for this question, but I didn't see one that seemed much better. As we are...
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    Potential WS maintenance solution for Liquidator

    As those of of use who use the LQ that get WS know, you need to clean your parts every couple/few weeks with a muriatic acid solution. For the #### of it, I tried something a little different. I unscrewed the top of the flow meter and sprayed a small amount of Descaling spray that I had in...
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    Duraleigh - LQ FC Experiment update?

    Duraleigh, Earlier in the season you had mentioned that you were running a bit of an experiment with your LQ by running it at "SWG-like" levels of FC and CYA. As we are coming toward the end of the swim season in the northeast, I was wondering if you would share any observations and findings...
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    let sequestrant level marks appearing

    My original fill water was from my well, untreated/softened. I had been consistently been adding Jack's Magic Blue Stuff and appeared to keep the stains at bay, and it appeared to reduce some apparent scaling. I ran out, and went away on vacation last week. I now seem to have a couple of...
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    American Cancer Society Bike a thon + spa = no sore muscles

    I just rode the ACS bike a thon from Philly to just outside of AC (~95 miles). After riding at a 17mph pace, all I could think about afer getting a beer was jumping in the spa. I think I spent a good 1.5 hours in there in total and don't feel sore one bit.....hope that I feel like this in the...
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    Just Shocked...water turned cloudy (going on vaca in 2 hrs)

    I just shocked my pool this morning...we are heading away for a week. Water turned cloudy. Pump is running. I had this happen one other time before and my pressure went up really high causing the need to backwash. I don't recall ever having this problem before. My numbers before shocking...
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    Liquidator Questions

    I installed my 8 gal LQ a couple weeks ago and have been, overall, happy with it. I have been using 12.5% chlorine in it. I have noticed a couple of things that I would like to ask the "LQ Experts" about.... 1) on the suction side, from the flow meter to the pump, there is a white film that...
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    Keep heater & pump going tonite or just start up again in AM

    So, we had the first of our 2 parties this weekend. I started heating the pool this morning at 6:30 am. It was a brisk 62 degrees due all the rain we have had and the cool nights (low 50's). So, the pool water is now 78. We have another party tomorrow. The temp is supposed to go down to...
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    Just installed liquidator - finally

    I finally had a free moment to install my 8gal liquidator this morning. My equipment pad is about 1.5 feet below water level and I can get a flow rate of about 3-3.5 on the flow meter. I'm hoping this is sufficent. If it is not, what can I do to increase the flow? For what it is worth, I...
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    Magnetizer - "water treatment solution"

    I stumbled across then when doing some surfing. Has anybody heard of this? You supposedly clamp this to a return pipe and the device is supposed to reduce solids/scale and manage pH. They have other devices for home water softening, air conditioners, natural gas lines, etc. Here's one of the...
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    adjusting ph & alk

    I need to bring my ph down to 7.2 and maintain it for a while to help in removing a stain using Jack's Blue Stuff. In testing for the stain, I needed he Copper & Scale stuff to remove he stain....problem is that I can not bypass the heater. According ot Jack's, I can use the Blue Stuff over a...
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    connecting liquidator

    I decided to order the 8gallon Liquidator. I have one question about where to connect it to the suction side. Since I have a spa, I could connect it to the pool suction line or the suction line right before it goes into the pump so that regardless of whether I am in pool mode or in spa mode...
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    Chlorine burn rate?

    With a CYA level of approximately 50 in a 28,000 gallon pool, how much chlorine should I expect to burn each day (assuming nothing is consuming the chlorine levels) ? I'm currently running Trichlor but am looking to switch to the Liquidator. Based on some other posts I have read, it seems like...
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    Heater season start up question

    So, we opened the pool last weekend and decided to use it this weekend as the air temp hit close to 90 (water temp was about 70). I tried getting the heater to run. Everything was connected and the gas line valves had been opened the week prior. The heater went through its process of trying...
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    Removing Iron deposits from tile & grout

    I have bluestone coping that apparently has iron deposits. In some cases, the iron has deposted itself on the grout. I know that I can use muriatic acid to remove the iron, but I'm not too comfortable in doing this. Are there other alternatives that will work and are less risky?
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    Shocked last night....FC fine....big PH increase

    Before shocking the pool with 12.5% liquid chlorine, I had the following numbers: FC .5 CC 1 PH 7.2 TA 70 CH 210 CYA 40 I put in enough chlorine to take the FC level to 15, based on Jason's Poolcalculator. This morning, my levels are: FC 15 CC 0 PH 8 <<-- This is where...
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    Clean Filter Pressure Increased from Last Year

    We opened our pool this weekend. It started out very cloudy as I have a mesh safety cover and LOTS of silt had passed through. As of last night, I could start to see the bottom of the shallow end. My PH was through the roof and I am working to bring that down. I've backwashed twice so far...