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    How to keep The Pool Cleaner hose from twisting

    The swivel on the head of The Pool Cleaner rotates easily, yet the hose continues to get twisted. This limits how much of the pool can be reached by the cleaner. What recommendations do you have to reduce this tendency? I'm thinking that maybe adjusting the floats on the hose by the head may be...
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    pH looks odd

    My TA is 70. My pH shows 8.0, yet 1 drop of R-0005 takes it to 7.4. This is a 20k gallon pool. Do I add acid or not?
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    Weight suggestion for Hayward W530 Leaf Canister

    To avoid the cost of frequently replacing the O-ring on this canister, I had wired a zinc ball to the handle. On this forum, people recommend against having zinc balls in the pool, so I'm wondering what else people are doing to weigh down this canister, so it doesn't float to the surface. Maybe...
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    New plaster -- need chemicals balanced

    I had the pool replastered 5 days ago. At the time, I tested the tap water and found it to be TA of 290 and CH of 330. After I filled the pool, 8 hours after the plastering was done, here is what the pool water tests at: FC = 0.2 CC = 1.4 pH = 8+ drops to 7.4 = 4 TA = 150 CH = 150 CYA = 0...
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    TFP email always goes to SPAM

    I have added your address to my address book, along with making a special rule to accept your email, yet your email is the only one I can't seem to get to go straight to my inbox. What makes your email different than all others, and what can I do to see your emails in my inbox? I use Mozilla...
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    Poolvergnuegen parts

    Parts for The Pool Cleaner seem to only be sold as kits, adding significant unnecessary cost. Does anyone sell specific parts? For example, I'd like a steering shaft, yet they only sell it as a steering assembly kit (part # 896584000-136). The same holds true for the front right gear drive...
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    New Automatic Chlorinator for Rental Pool

    This pool is about 22K gallons for a rental house. I plan to have it re-plastered when the weather cools down. I service it once a week. I don’t want to rely on my tenants to add chemicals, as they tend to be inconsistent, so I want to install an automatic chlorinating system. This city has...
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    Rental Pool doesn't register chlorine

    This is a rental pool, which limits my ability to fine-tune and check things on a regular basis. It's not in the best of shape, and I've always had challenges with algae. I can't seem to put enough chlorine in the pool. I have two floats on the surface with tri-chlor tabs, and I have my...