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    Patio Surface is Slick

    Not sure if this is the right place but... When wet my covered concrete patio is slicker than a greased pig. It’s smooth concrete. I’ve done the half splits several times just walking. What have y’all put down or recommend putting on it to make it a nonslip surface but cleanable and not porous...
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    Plaster has Many Small Cracks. What to do?

    So my pool has many small cracks in the steps and the edges of the steps are chipping off. As you can see the algae loves the cracks and I can’t keep it out. We bought the house 3 years ago and best I can tell from research is the pool is around 20 years old. I use the TFP method and water...
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    Hayward VS Pump Question

    Can someone tell me how old this pump is please? I found it locally for sale and want to know how old it is before I buy it. Are pumps worth buying used? I have a 1hp single speed Jacuzzi magnum force now that’s several years old.
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    Well here we go! 1st day of SLAM

    I know I’m getting a late start but here we go. Had to make some big repairs to my pump and filter. Now that I’ve got to the end of that rabbit hole I can start the SLAM. Still got a small air leak somewhere but I’ll get to that another day. Got the Ph to 7.2 and poolmath said 3 gallons of...
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    Need Pump and filter advice PLEASE

    So I need to order some parts and want to make sure I’m on the right track. First off I did a diy winterization and failed. Lesson learned. Forgot to shopvac the lines out. After repairing the busted pipes I noticed my filter housing on my pump is severely cracked at the bottom below the...
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    Is my light leaking?

    Saw water around my pump and went to investigate and found water dripping out from this outlet. I think the conduit from the bottom goes to the light. Any chance it's an easy fix?
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    Leslie's Sale on Jacuzzi J-D300 for $299 in store.

    Just picked up one of these. $349 online and so I decided to get one and drove to the store to find them marked $299 and with a 3 year warranty. I couldn't pass that up and wanted to let everyone know. So check with the stores. They also had a 50% off sale on pumps.
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    Spinning my Tires

    Been slamming for 3 days now and getting nowhere! Frustrating to say the least. Cya is at 45 so I've been maintaining my chlorine at 18 and going through it like a fat guy eats sweet and sour chicken at the Chinese buffet. Can't keep enough of it. Used almost 25 gallons so far. Been brushing...
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    What is the Port for?

    This port hole has a pretty powerful suction when I turn the valve to open. Is it for vacuuming and should it be on all the time? i have 2 holes in my skimmer. Not sure if it's related to this.
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    Gone fishing... In the skimmer pipe.

    Well this morning my daughter was cleaning out the skimmer basket and kicked a screwdriver in the skimmer and down she went. We have to use a flathead screwdriver to get the skimmer lid off. Sits in the too tight. Luckily it looks to be less than 2 ft to the 90* turn in the pipe and the...
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    I observed something interesting.

    Yesterday I added HTH calcium hardness increaser yesterday. As it was dissolving I noticed very tiny bubbles floating to the surface. Did the full run of tests just now and pH went up from 7.4 to 7.6 Could this be an easy way to increase pH without increasing TA? If so, I could lower my...
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    CSI. Help me understand it.

    I can't figure out csi. Mine on poolmath is -0.19. Can someone shed some light on this for me please?
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    New Taylor k-2006 kit results

    How am I doing? Got an inch of rain the last 2 days. Starting BBB today. What and where to start?FC-6CC-1 Ph-7.4 TA-150 CH-190 CYA- 30 not sure why the font changed to giant size.
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    Top Job Bleach??

    Found some top job bleach at Wally World for $1/gal. Didn't have the concentration on it anywhere. Is this suitable to use for the bbb method? I sure hope so.
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    Newb that needs help.

    Hello all and thanks in advance for the help. We purchased our house during the winter and the pool hadn't been opened in 5 years per the realtor. It's a beautiful pool and the kids really enjoy it. Ingound, concrete/plaster 38' by 22' bean shaped pool goes from 4' 9' deep. Question is: I've...