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  1. rowiac

    PVC repair help needed

    ...and a piece of masking tape wrapped around as a guide to make sure you are cutting straight. A power miter saw or band saw is handy for cutting the new pieces to length if you have one.
  2. rowiac

    Sand filter let's silt through? Alternative media?

    I'm using Fiber Clear cellulose filter media instead of DE in my sand filter. It's biodegradable and non-carcinogenic (or so they say). You add enough for your filter pressure to go up by about 1psi from freshly backwashed. I've been using it since I SLAM'd, so I don't know if it's what...
  3. rowiac

    Normal sand filter differential?

    I've been using Fiber Clear cellulose filter media instead of DE in my sand filter. You can get a 3lb bag for less than $20. Biodegradable and not carcinogenic. Adding either of those may increase your filter pressure slightly. I add about a cup and the pressure goes up by about 1psi.
  4. rowiac

    Normal sand filter differential?

    Yes, a SLAM requires patience, especially when everyone around you thinks you are crazy for putting all that chlorine in the pool.
  5. rowiac

    Normal sand filter differential?

    It depends on your flow rate (how fast the pump is running). My filter pressure is 17psi @3000rpm when freshly backwashed. I have determined I need to backwash when it reaches 21psi (~25% increase in pressure). Now that everything is working well with my pool, I should only need to backwash...
  6. rowiac

    Question on VS Pump and SWCG - "No Flow"

    I wish I could run my SWCG at that low of speed to save on electricity use. The problem is that I have a very slow buildup of air in the pump over time that eventually migrates to the SWCG and shuts off the internal flow sensor. This must be due to a small suction side air leak that I haven't...
  7. rowiac

    Question on VS Pump and SWCG - "No Flow"

    What is your filter pressure at 2000 rpm? For reference, I need to run my SuperFlo VS at 2000 rpm to trigger the flow switch consistently and the pressure is about 11 psi. I've tried lower speeds, but eventually the flow switch will start to cycle on and off, and eventually will stay off after...
  8. rowiac

    Skimmer Basket Help!!!

    Also try some Aladdin Magic Lube on the o-ring to lube and help seal it. Make sure the sealing surfaces are very clean and free of debris bits. If that doesn't work, you may have a hairline crack in the clear lid or small leaks in the suction side plumbing.
  9. rowiac

    Skimmer Basket Help!!!

    This doesn't address the root cause of your problem, but you can put a rock in the basket to weigh it down. Just make sure the rock is larger than the holes in the bottom of the skimmer in case it drops in. When I put a hair net on my basket, it floats, so I use a rock to keep it in place.
  10. rowiac

    Pump / Motor Replacement - Currently only 120V available

    Actually the Superflo VS has three speed settings plus a quick clean setting, all of which can be programmed by the user in 10 rpm increments at speeds ranging from 300 to 3450 rpm, so it is quite flexible. It can be powered by either 110 or 220VAC. The only difference between the two voltages...
  11. rowiac

    Weir door broke off

    When we moved into our house the ca. 1980's pool was missing the weir door completely. I was able to figure out that it was this same model (or very similar). The "SQ" symbol is Swimquip, which I guess Pentair bought at some point. In any case, there are two screws for the hinge plate that go...
  12. rowiac

    Recommendation for new pump

    I think Flatag means the Pentair SuperFlo VS pump. I agree that this is a good choice if you aren't planning on adding automation. $700 on Amazon. The extra cost of a variable speed pump will be paid for by electricity savings pretty quickly.
  13. rowiac

    Skimmer with Main Drain, does it need two pipes?

    Is there a way to figure out the skimmer plumbing on my old ('70s or '80s) pool? I have a two-hole skimmer and a main drain. I have no valving back at the pump, so I assume that the second hole in the skimmer is either capped or plumbed to the main drain. If it's capped I guess there would be...
  14. rowiac

    water circulation from the main drain, through the skimmer on deck

    I have the same issue. Only one pipe comes out of the ground to the pump inlet. I assume the main drain is either plumbed to the skimmer with a tee underground, or connected to the second port in the skimmer. Is there a way to detemine how my skimmer and drain are plumbed? I also have the...
  15. rowiac

    Pentair Superflo VS - No LED

    It definitely sounds like you got a defective unit. Did you try a local Pentair dealer?
  16. rowiac

    Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pump stuck on step 3

    Are you using the default schedule? If so, steps 1, 2, 3 run for 14 hours total, and then the pump shuts off. Step one will start again the next morning, at 8:00AM. If you have changed to a custom schedule, check to see if you have an OFF cycle between step 3 and step 1.
  17. rowiac

    Sand filter is in the garage - How do I drain it?

    I'm new to this pool thing too, but fortunately my filter is outside and there is a PVC drain pipe already attached to it. However, I saw these backwash hoses at my local Home Depot the other day that you might want to try: 50 ft. x 1.5 in. Swimming Pool Filter Backwash Hose