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    CYA low. No Chlorine

    My pool is crystal clear but noticed I've had to add more chlorine lately. I tested today and here are my readings. FC=0 CC=0 TC=0 PH=8+ Maybe like 8.2 TA=140 CYA= I filled it to the very top of tube and the dot disappeared. So like 20-25? What should I add/adjust first and what/ where do I get...
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    Help! I've spent over 900$ in three weeks and still can't swim!

    I have a above ground vinyl pool. It's a 30ft x 54in round and is in ground about half way. This will be the 3rd summer we have had it. We started out using soft swim and switched over to chlorine last year. However I could hardly keep it clear last year and no matter how much I tried my...