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  1. thomearl

    Zodiac G3 Getting Stuck

    I have a Zodiac G3 that gets stuck constantly on my suction grate thats on the pool wall. It just gets wedged in there as the grate sticks out from the wall a bit. Usually on the weekends when i see it i have to yank the tubing to release it manually. God knows what’s going on while I'm at work...
  2. thomearl

    Control Panel Frozen

    The control panel for my system that I have inside my home is frozen. See pic, it just displays Goldline Aqua Logic Display r03.00. None of lights on the buttons are lit up like normal, and when I press any of the buttons nothing happens. The main panel out by the pool is acting fine. Anyone...
  3. thomearl

    Another Hayward EcoStar Not Working

    So my system hasn't been running since last weekend. On my AquaLogic control panel I got a "POOL VSC COMM" error message. Can't turn the pump on at all, nada. I had an authorized Hayward repair tech come out and he says its the drive on the pump that's bad. After checking the internet, I see...
  4. thomearl

    Can I Cut These Pipes?

    Before we moved in our house, the pool system had solar heating that flowed water to pipes on our roof. All the hardware on the roof was removed, but all the pipes near the pool equipment were left in tact. I'm pretty sure the pipes in the photo with the arrows were part of the solar system...
  5. thomearl

    E-Z Scoop how much does it hold?

    Confused here. I have a branded Aladdin E-Z Scoop. Description on Amazon where i bought it says it holds 1 lb of DE. Though written on bottom of scoop it says use a scoop for every 5sq ft of filter area. This leads me to believe it actually holds 1/2 a pound. I’ve searched the web and I’ve seen...
  6. thomearl

    Pool Store Salt Tests

    So i was under the assumption that my tests of my salt levels were accurate because i use the drop test. But I recently took a sample into the national chain store and they told me my salt was really low at 2300ppm. The guy used some type of electronic tester. Is this the most accurate method...
  7. thomearl

    What Does Flow Switch Do?

    Can someone clarify what the flow switch does exactly? In addition to letting the system know that water is flowing thru the pipes, does it also sense how much salt is in the water? I believe I've read that in some other threads. If this is not the case, what part of a Hayward system measures...
  8. thomearl

    New Cell Reading Low Salt

    I just put in a brand new Hayward cell 2 months ago, and now I'm getting a low salt level warning. I've testing my water with the salt drop test and it's 3200 ppm, not low. Not sure what's going on. Any ideas from anyone? It's producing chlorine fine and no other issues with it. I had a generic...
  9. thomearl

    Another Bad Cell?

    I've been reading the other posts with folks complaining about their cells going bad. I believe I'm pretty much in the same situation, but just want to get additional opinions before i drop $500-600 on a new one. Tested my water yesterday and found I had no chlorine in the pool. Ran to the store...
  10. thomearl

    Black Algae Attack

    I think i have black algae in my spa. Lots of little raised hard black spots on the plaster. They’ve noticeably increased in amount in the last two weeks. My spa overflows to my pool, but the black spots are only in the spa. Black algae? They dont come off easily, ive been able to remove a few...
  11. thomearl

    Jets Not Working Correctly

    So this season, my spa jets are not working correctly. They only output a flow similar to our pool jets, not nearly enough to create the usual bubbling action. The spa pipe on our equipment pad is not sucking in air either like it used to. Not sure what the issue is. I emptied half the spa water...
  12. thomearl

    Low Salt Error Message

    I’m getting a low salt message on my system and i know its not accurate as i added 120 lbs of salt this weekend to bring it up to 3200 ppm. Is there any way to clear or reset this error message? Its also telling me that the chlorinator is not functioning due to low salt. Could my system still be...
  13. thomearl

    Pool Bonding - Spooky

    Okay so i dont know if its just because I'm a pool owner now, but i am noticing a number of instances of people dying in pools due to electrical shock. I don't want to be alarmist, but i need more info on pool bonding. I only learned of this term a few weeks ago. I thought it only had to do with...
  14. thomearl

    48 or 60?

    Ive had my pool (and house) for 2 years now, and always thought my Hayward Pro Grid DE filter size was 48 sq ft. When we had the pool equipment inspected before purchasing by a local pool company, he told me that was the size of the filter. He said it wasnt marked on the label as it should be...
  15. thomearl

    Solar Blanket & Skimmer

    Just ordered a solar blanket for the pool and spa for this season. Probably should've asked before I bought but how does the blanket work with the pool skimmer? Does it interfere or is skimming not even needed since pool is covered? I got it to keep the pool warmer only and reduce water loss...
  16. thomearl

    Chlorine Level: Safe to Swim?

    I just did my first SLAM this week and Now i'm letting the chlorine level return to the normal levels. My question is what is the highest chlorine level that is safe to swim in? Yesterday my FC was 11.5. Thanks.
  17. thomearl

    First Mustard Algae Bloom?

    Okay, so i noticed what i'm guessing is mustard algae at the water line in my pool. it's probably in 10 spots around the pool at the water line and then in the corners about a foot below water line. The spots are fairly light and not obvious at first glance, but they are there. I brushed the...
  18. thomearl

    Backwash on 1/2 Speed

    I have a variable speed pump and am wondering if it's ok or effective to backwash at half speed? My line drains into an area of my yard that gets all disrupted when I do it at high speed. Thx.
  19. thomearl

    Vacuum Confusion

    So I'm a little confused about manual vacuuming. I've read on here and have watched videos where you hook the hose up to the skimmer. But I have a kreepy krawly that attaches to a dedicated port on the wall of my pool. Can't I just remove the kreepy from the end of that hose and attach a vacuum...
  20. thomearl

    Muriatic Okay With DE and CYA?

    I have a vinyl deck box out near my pool where I keep my Muriatic acid. It stays locked so the kids, pets and critters don't get into it. Just wondering if it's safe to also store CYA and diatomaceous earth in the same box? I've read some things are a no no, so just checking. Thanks.
  21. thomearl

    Trying to Figure Out What's Going On with FC

    Hello, can you help me figure out what's going on with my FC readings? Tested my water this past Saturday and got these readings: FC 13 pH 7.5 CC 0 TA 100 CYA 80 CH 450 The weekend before my FC was at 8 and before that it was at 4.5. I've never had a reading so high for FC. After Saturday's...
  22. thomearl

    Does Algae Float?

    I have what looks like small flakes floating on the entire surface of my water. They are essentially colorless and I don't see any evidence of algae on the bottom or wall surfaces. Just not sure what this is. I have 3 palms trees by the pool, but don't really see anything coming from the trees...
  23. thomearl

    Safe to Dispose TF100 Test Results into Same Container?

    I have a TF100 test kit, and am wondering if there is any hazard in dumping each of the included tests into the same container after I complete the test? I would normally just set each vial aside until I was ready to wash and dispose of everything, but I just got a Taylor SpeedStir. So I was...
  24. thomearl

    Will My pH Always Be High?

    So, I have an above ground spa attached to my pool, and filter it everyday with water pulled from the pool which in turn spills over back into the pool. I know that in order to lower your TA you would add Muriatic to bring your pH down lower than normal, AND then aerate the pool to only bring...
  25. thomearl

    Service-Timed Mode

    Hi all. Can someone double check if I'm understanding Service-Timed Mode on my Hayward automation system correctly? Assuming my pump is set to run everyday from 7pm to 3am, if I put the system in STM and turn the pump on at 8am, my understanding is it will run for 3 hours and then turn pump off...
  26. thomearl

    Necessary to Run Pump in Daytime?

    My local pool supply told me that it's best to run the pump in the daytime to really prevent algae outbreaks. Want to know if this is accurate, or is running it from 7pm to 5am ok? I'm currently running at night to take advantage of the best electricity rates. My hope is that running it in the...
  27. thomearl

    Spa jets not working anymore

    I had a swimming session last week and I couldn't get my spa jets to come on full blast. When I hit the spa button on my control panel, the jets just output water similar to the pool returns, but there's no strong jet action. I've recently had some work done on the system, so not sure which is...
  28. thomearl

    Had Some Work Done - Now Spa Jets Not Working

    Wasn't sure if I should post here or in the spa forum as it may be related to recent work I've had done on the pool. Anyway, had a swimming session yesterday and I couldn't get my spa jets to come on full blast. When I hit the spa button on my control panel, the jets output water similar to how...
  29. thomearl

    Variable Speed Settings - Starting Point

    So I had my local chain pool store install a Hayward EcoStar VS 2hp pump yesterday and the guy told me to run it at 100% for 3 hrs a day, and then at 50% for 8 hrs a day. Said the 100% is for the Kreepy and the 50% would be the lowest setting to keep my spa spillover going. I've only had the...
  30. thomearl

    Test Results - Next Steps?

    I tested my water yesterday and these are my results. A few are out of range, so want to make sure I proceed correctly and would appreciate input. Pool looks great by the way and the whole family had a great swim session yesterday. In the last couple of weeks I've added Muriatic, CYA and...