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  1. azpooldude

    How much CYA to add to go from 30 to 40?

    Hi, I feel like my CYA is getting a bit low at 30 (it's been gradually going down over the last few months; I use liquid chlorine only and muriatic acid to control ph.) So I bought some stabilizer. I'm just wondering how much to add to go from 30 to 40 in a 20,000 gallon pebbletec pool? I don't...
  2. azpooldude

    how critical is the amount of R-0870 DPD powder to the FC test?

    So I use the Taylor K2006C, and I usually do the 10 ml. sample. The instructions state "add 2 dippers R-0870". The actual dipper itself seems kinda arbitrary to get the correct amount. How much would too much or too little of DPD powder affect the test?
  3. azpooldude

    Trying to lower PH slightly but only my TA goes down

    CYA: 50 FC: 6 CC: 0 CH: 450 PH: 7.6 TA: 80 21,000 gal pebbletec pool. Arizona. Pool water currently about 88° during the day. A week or so ago my TA was 110, and my PH was 7.6, sometimes 7.7. I guess PH of 7.6 is "ok", but I was trying to get it to 7.5 or 7.4 - just to see if I could. So I...
  4. azpooldude

    How often do you test your pool water? (poll)

    Since I replaced my pool water a few weeks ago and finally bought a Taylor K2006A test kit, I've been testing every day. I don't always to CH or CYA, but I always do FC, CC, PH, TA. Is that excessive or normal? Wondering what others do....
  5. azpooldude

    Chlorine/CYA chart vs 7.5% of CYA

    I believe I've seen it said here that FC should be 7.5% of CYA. In other words, if your CYA is 50 then FC should be 3.75 (let's say 4). I've also been referred to the Chlorine/CYA Chart which says that for a CYA of 50, FC should be 6 to 8, with a minimum of 4. So is the 7.5% calculation that...
  6. azpooldude

    Can muriatic acid and liquid chlorine be added at the same time?

    Maybe in different parts of the pool? Or how long should you wait? Also, one thing I read about adding muriatic acide said to do it when the filter pump has been off for an hour, and dump it in the deepest part, and wait another hour before turning the pump on. Is that correct? [Link Removed...
  7. azpooldude

    Question about K-2006C FC and CC testing

    So I got a Taylor K-2006C test kit. Tried the chlorine tests today for the first time, carefully following instructions. I used the 1 drop = 0.5 ppm and the 10 ml sample. My question is: how long are you supposed to wiat, or take into account time, when getting the water to turn colorless? In...
  8. azpooldude

    Low ph and high TA, aeration not working

    Hi. New here, having some trouble with my chemistry (low PH, high TA). I have a 21,000 gallon pebbletec pool. I heat it, min temp is 83 but its now going over that in the daytime as it heats up here in Arizona. So temp is about 85 or 86 now during the day. My stats are this at the moment...