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    Not all Pool Stores are evil!

    I finally got around to taking in our Polaris to the local Pool Store to get fixed. It hadn't been working for months and I had been manually vacuuming the pool. It turns out that the jets were clogged. They charged me a whopping $4.99 ($5.40 with tax) for the fix. Best 5 bucks I've spent. :)
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    Crack in filter casing, how to keep algae away?

    We developed a crack in our filter casing and will need to order a new one. In the meantime, since we can't run our pump, does anyone have suggestions on how to keep the pool from turning into a swamp? Should I just pour in bleach and brush to mix? Should I keep it at a shock level or a...
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    Vacuumed my pool and now my pump isn't sucking water.

    Would an air pocket cause a problem with the pump? I was vacuuming the pool and the hose popped open. A bunch of air sucked into the pipes before I could shut it off. I have a leaf catcher attached to my vacuum so I don't think the pipes are clogged with leaves. Could I force out an air...
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    Emergency Help Needed to Drain Pool

    I'm in NorCal and we are in the middle of a huge storm. The water level is way high and I need to start a drain to prevent overflow. There is a pip which says drain but I don't know how to get the water to flow there. Any suggestions? I don't have a sand filter. Edited to add: I called a...
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    Factors effecting accuracy in CYA testing

    I had been operating my algae war under the belief that my CYA was at 70 PPM. This result was given to me by Leslie's and I also got the same result by doing my own test with the Walmart cheap kit. My pool was very cloudy when I got these results. Now that I am about to declare victory in...
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    Pressure Problems and have a question.

    Ok. So I vacuumed this morning for the first time. I thought I had picked up the big items off of the pool floor, which I can't see. I was wrong. The vacuum picked up a rock and a small pine cone which was caught in the second basket by the pump. It must have clogged one of the pipes too...
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    Skimmer basket stuck

    I'm in the middle of an algae clean up and have been using a skimmer sock to filter out the extra algae and debris. The pressure from the sock caused my first basket to break. No big deal, I figured there was a lot of Crud in my pool and that created extra weight on the basket. I picked up a...
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    How to vacuum?

    After reading here and at PoolForum, we purchased a vacuum and hose. We have a cartridge filter system in our pool. The salesman at Leslie's said to be careful with vacuuming because there is a possibility of clogging our pipes if there is too much debris on the bottom of the pool. Also, he...
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    Cloudy Blue Pool

    Bear with me, as I'm sort of flying blind as I wait for my Taylor K2006 kit to arrive. Here is the recent history of our 17,000 gallon, black plaster pool, cartridge filter: It was green and terrible (after months of neglect) and my husband and I went to Leslie's with our sample a couple of...
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    New in Northern California

    Hi! My name is Jennifer and I found this forum from a mention in a post at PoolForum. I'm so glad that you started this site, because I found it frustrating reading there and not being able to post. My husband insisted on purchasing a home with a pool 2 years ago. For the first year, we...