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    Can I change this copper line to PVC?

    Hi... got a leak coming from one of my copper elbows on the return filter line. I'm wondering if I HAVE to use copper to replace it, or can I run 1.5" PVC pipe with new fittings? The return coming up from the ground is copper so I'd have to find a "copper to PVC" elbow. Otherwise, any reason...
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    Recommend an LED light for my pool?

    Just found my pool to have a burned out 120 volt 500w screw-in type bulb. I'd like to replace it with an LED White bulb... no colors The pool is 16x32 and the light sits in the deep end. Can anyone recommend a good quality LED? Thanks
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    Replacing a Pool Light in metal structured pool?

    Hi, I have a 16x32 metal structure pool that was built for vinyl liners. I have to replace the pool light but I thought I'd check here before doing so. As you can see, the light housing is firmly sealed to the liner using a stainless steel plate, screws and gasket. The light itself uses a...
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    Automatic Pool Cover.. Looking for Installers in Southern California?

    Hi, I need to replace our cover. Every internet search I conduct leads me to out of state companies. Any idea who services Southern California.. specifically the Inland Empire? Thanks :)
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    Hello from Upland, CA 80 degrees in February! What's going on?

    Hi there, Jonathan here. I have a 26,000 IG 16x32' metal enclosed pool (thick galvanized I think?). We've replaced two vinyl soft liners since we've been at this residence. I'm here to look for some advice on replacing an existing (but weathered) automatic pool cover. It seems like there...