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  1. rowiac

    S300 not working after a month?

    My Dolphin Premier stopped working after my wife used it last year. It was about 3 months old, so still in warranty, which is 3 years on that model. The robot would run for a few seconds, and then stop. I called Maytronics and they had me check the impeller and it turns out that all of the...
  2. rowiac

    Robot cleaning and chlorine level

    The spec from Maytronics is a maximum chlorine level of 4ppm, but that does not take into account CYA level. I assume that if it's safe to swim in the pool, it's safe to run the robot in it.
  3. rowiac

    brand new M400 worked for 20 minutes... now it doesn't

    When I first bought my Dolphin Premier (also from Maytronics) earlier this year, it died within the first month. The power supply never seemed to function correctly and the lights on the display, other than the large blue button, never came on. Eventually the robot wouldn't move at all. If...
  4. rowiac

    Dolphin S300i - not turning on

    The box that the power plugs into is the power supply. If you don't have any lights when you plug it in, and the power cord and power from the outlet are good, then your power supply is bad. Do you get any lights when you press the power button?
  5. rowiac

    Doheny Discovery Issues

    I think the Discovery is a Maytronics Dolphin, so here is an excerpt from the troubleshooting guide: My Dolphin power supply turns on, but the Dolphin does not move: If the Dolphin doesn’t move AT ALL, there could be a problem with your cable. Take your Dolphin to an authorized Dolphin...
  6. rowiac

    11 Yr Old Maytronics Dolphin DX4 Motor Box Desiccant Bag Blew Up

    If the circuit boards haven't started to corrode, maybe a spray-on conformal coating would give an extra bit of protection. If wouldn't help the connectors though, so maybe dielectric grease for those?