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    Why are the values for SI between the dial in my Taylor K-2006C and as calculated in the pool math app so different?

    Here are my test results from last night: FC: 8.0 PH: 7.2 TA: 80 CH: 1000 CYA: 37 Temp: 70F (estimated) SI (using the dial in my test kit): 0.11 SI (Pool match calculated): -0.05 Why are the above values for SI so different?
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    Proper endpoint detection for CH test?

    Hi all, My CH is very high and I want to ensure I know how to properly measure it. It is somewhere between 700 and 1000, I think. The color needs to change from red to blue, right? Is it when it just starts to change? Or, is it when it stops changing and is blue? I think I read somewhere that it...
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    Which SWG is/are the best?

    I have a couple of questions here. First, it seems like this is a really good way to go. Seems like having chlorine generated on demand would be a lot less headaches than my current situation where my tap water is pretty hard, I believe (I will measure the hardness to know for sure) but I've...
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    Recommendations for the best pool automatic pool cleaner/robot?

    Hi, I am interested in finding out which automatic pool cleaner(s) are the best based on experience and research. I currently have the Dolphin Deluxe 5 which has been ok but cleaning the media bag is somewhat of a headache. My device is having some trouble so I want to take advantage of folks...
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    How to replace one of the 4 rubber seals in a Dolphine Deluxe 5

    I have a Dolphin Deluxe 5 which I got in 2012 and one of the 4 rubber seals that one can see if the media bag or cartridge is removed is missing. I have a replacement but am not clear on how to do it. I think that there is debree inside the track housing that needs to be cleaned out since the...
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    Hello from San Jose, CA

    Hi All, I previously had an account but would only visit this awesome resource from time to time. Today when I went to login again, it didn't recognize my password. I tried to get a new password and was told that an email was sent but I didn't see one--even checked my SPAM folder. Anyway, I...