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    Sand filter leaking from flange clamp

    I have a Hayward S220T sand filter. I replaced my sand today and now I have two small streams of water coming out from the flange clamp, near where the two bolts are, that I can't seem to stop. I've cleaned the O-ring that's on the multi-valve, as well as the top of the filter. I'm...
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    Robotic Pool Cleaner and Pool Chemicals

    I have a robotic pool cleaner, the iRobot Verro 500. I'm in the middle of converting to chlorine from baquacil, and I need to maintain FC levels of 15 ppm. Is this chlorine level too high for my pool robot? Should I only operate it under lower FC levels? Anyone have any experience here? I...
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    Clear Value generic bleach?

    Anyone have any experience with Clear Value generic bleach? $1.29 at the local supermarket. It's manufactured by TOPCO but the label did not disclose the % solution.
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    Another Baq conversion

    Long time reader, first time converter. ;-) After adding up the $$$ I spent on Baq last year, I decided to make the switch (after I stopped hyperventilating). I've been reading the forums over and over for the last few weeks, and would appreciate any encouragement or guidance as I go through...
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    Lots of sand in backwash (not return)

    Here's a puzzler from last year, which has reared its ugly head for me upon opening this year. I have a 20,000 gal in-ground pool. Hayward S-220T Sand Filter, with Vari-Flo XL valve, all powered by a Hayward Max-Flo 1 HP pump, model SP2807X10. Last year I was getting progressively more and...
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    Advice needed on a pool care "system" -- commercial or other

    We've had an inground pool (came with the house), 20,000 gal vinyl, 1 HP pump, 250 lb sand filter. Just started our 3rd season this year. I frequently travel for business (might be gone for up to 2 weeks at a time) and need something easy for the wife to manage while I'm gone. Putting on a...