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  1. lcoleary

    PacFab Challenger pump leaks at band clamp -solved

    I've had a leak from this pump since I purchased my house and have not been able to determine the cause. Had two different pool repair companies come out under my home warranty (replaced seal once and housing o-ring once) and leak would stop for a bit but then start up again (leaking water...
  2. lcoleary

    New to TFP and just tackled pool pump and motor rebuild.

    I've been reading the forums as a 2 year old inground pool owner. My equipment is: Pentair Challenger (aka PacFab) pump 1HP Century Centurion motor B2848 Hayward sand filter Pro Series Model #S-244S Just tackled a leak at Pump wet end and replaced the bearings in the motor. Glad to be here is...