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    Best way to clean rocks from pool from neighbors pool build that rained gunite shrapnel in my backyard

    Small claims court I think is up to $6000 or so. You could get an estimate for someone to clean it up and then take it to small claims on your own. No doubt they are liable. no way I'd be cleaning up their mess and if something happens to your pool equipment and you haven't documented the...
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    That pool task you forget to do-

    Oh my gosh that was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen and then the comments are awesome too. Literally tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard. I needed that, thanks for posting!
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    Questions/Suggestions for Floor Cleaner, Skimmer, SWG and Pump Speeds

    Reading through this as I've have some similar questions, then I got to your concern about running "800!" watts for 4-6 hours a day. My pump is running almost 2500 watts for 9 hours a day and my pool is less than 1/2 your size, so don't feel too bad!
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    Builder Abandoned Project - Need Help

    If you don't have lien releases, please understand that YOU may still owe all the subs for all the work that was done if they didn't get paid. This is a nightmare. Consult an attorney before you do any further work so you have an idea what your financial downside is. Potentially you may still...
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    Average enclosure height?

    Well it's going to end up attaching to the back of your house, so how tall is that? That will be one wall height, but of course it will slope upwards. We have 10 foot high ceilings in our home so I think our enclosure is about 12 foot at the lowest because it matches the height of the roof on...
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    Not happy with new pool build

    Under NO circumstances EVER pay final payment before job is done. You SHOULD have a disbursement schedule in WRITING before you even started the job. If you are not happy with the work to date you should have already stopped work and pay nothing else. Never pay a sub directly. This has all...
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    Major Plaster Issue

    Wow that's a nightmare. I hate it when people try to provide a "fix" that isn't what you wanted in the first place. Heck no I wouldn't accept tile over that shelf, unless that's what you wanted in the first place (which it isn't since it's not there!). My goodness the nerve of some people.
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS - running at full speed all the time....

    James - Unless it's running at full speed, the pressure isn't even close to what the IFCS requires. At the start it was getting only 3-5 PSI at the slower speed (2450rpm) with the spa overflow running. Only by turning pump up all the way can I get spa overflow enough to enjoy the noise and...
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS - running at full speed all the time....

    So I think I fixed my sig with proper info. The pool company takes care of the pool first year so I've not done any testing. I note they put in about 1/2 gal of muriatic acid weekly and maybe once a month they add about 4lb bicarb. Here is picture of the pool.
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS - running at full speed all the time....

    Yes, I have pentair Easytouch automation. In the app I can’t see where I can change speed of pump in a scheduled event, but obviously I missed something. If I can, then I think I will ask them to install one more automated valve so IFCS only runs a few hours a day with pump at full speed and...
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    Impeller full of debris mysteriously.....your thoughts

    are you sure it’s not a rhombus? probably not, I just like the word rhombus and never get a chance to say it. rhombus
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS - running at full speed all the time....

    If the flow rate isn’t high enough the spa spillover makes no noise, and the noise is part of what we like about the pool. So that’s why it needs a certain flow rate. I was thinking along the lines listed above - having our pool builder put in another automated valve on the IFCS so it can run...
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS - running at full speed all the time....

    We do have SWG, neglected to mention that.
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS - running at full speed all the time....

    I have no idea how much we "need" to run it. Pool is in a cage in Florida so no leaves/debris just some sand and dirt from the environment. We like to hear the spa overflow running when we're outside as it's a nice feature just to see/hear but I doubt we need to be running our pump full speed...
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS - running at full speed all the time....

    (Our first pool....) So I'm not sure my pool builder designed our pool in the best way possible and hope I can get some feedback. Background: new pool build last fall. We have one Pentair intelliflow VS pump. It runs everything. The spa and pool modes are handled one at a time via a...
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    Test kit Improvements

    In the age of handheld spectrophotometer development in several areas at very cost friendly levels (Scio, got yanked due to intellectual property issues This Pocket-Sized Spectrometer Tells You the Chemical Makeup of Foods | Digital Trends and others such as TellSpec (TellSpec food analyzer »...
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    Pool build turned into a nightmare - travertine help

    Should never have 4 corners come together. And if tiles aren’t stable now, imagine how they will be after a few years go by. If someone catches a toe, falls and gets hurt YOU will be the one that potentially gets sued for his crappy work. Be polite but show 1) this is not by any industry...
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    Pool Cooler

    I saw someone say if you have solar heating system you can run the system at night when ambient temps are cool to draw down temperature and cool a pool. Is this true?
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    Kiddie pool powered by aquarium equipment

    :unsure:“Detritus” in a kiddie Keep in mind none of those things are rated for human use or for what you’re using them for. A cracked aquarium heater and short could kill a few fish, or your kids.... I’m probably being paranoid but the heater part worries me.
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    Hybrid Heater for N Mexico Pool

    We are building a pool and looked into this hybrid heater. The price ended up basically the same as a separate gas and elec heat pump so it didn’t save any money. our pool builder didn’t seem to like it and had no reliability data. Given they didn’t feel comfortable we ended up with both a gas...
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    Travertine - to clean and seal or not?

    What happens if that car soap gets into the pool? :unsure::eek::eek: (honest question from soon to be first time travertine and pool owners.
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    Attack of the rude inlaws!

    Sorry but if I told you no dog and you brought one anyway - here is the phone number for the motel 6 down the street. Life is better when you’re not a doormat. It’s one thing to be gracious, it’s another for that kind of rudeness to be even remotely acceptable.
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    A look back at my pool rebuild

    Great posts. Quite a project.
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    Pentair Ultratemp ETI - combination gas/heat pump unit

    Anyone seen one? It’s on their site and was announced quite awhile ago but our PB says “it’s not out yet. They are recommending a different heat pump and we elected to have a gas unit for the spa. Right now we have no chiller ability which concerns me and also 1 unit instead of 2 would be...
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    Pool is not level by at least 1.5”

    If you have a pool builder saying 3” out of level is acceptable for his work, I just don’t even know what to say.
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    Finally Done!!

    Wow love the look. Very interesting kitchen. Can you tell me more about the “brick” look. Also what equipment and your layout for the kitchen. Love the umbrella built in too!
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    New Pool Build Thread in Cypress TX (NW Houston)

    In the 10 foot by 50 foot area behind the average home next to the foundation an inch of rain would be approximately 300 gallons. Your house has that much water there everytime a hard rain happens. Doesn’t seem worthy of my concern personally
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    Water Depth

    What BigEinAZ said. The fact that they treated you so rudely when it could have fixed THEIR problem adds insult to injury. I don’t remember if you said how much you’re into this pool entirely, but I’d expect this pool at this point to be a wash or slight loss for the PB given their screw up...
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    New Build in NE FL

    Man I’d just spray some roundup on there and move on with life. The guys are obviously incapable of doing good work and surely hate you at this point. Leave them alone and they’ll probably pi$$ under your travertine and put it back for you to smell later. Life lesson but get the big stuff...
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    New build - Katy, TX (near Houston)

    Subscribed. Love the design. Following along thanks for the pics and updates! Is it normal to have a separate pump just for water features?