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    Pool sharing in the time of Coronavirus

    Thanks all for the responses! I should have been more clear on the “who” in this. I am talking 5th graders with their parents who are family friends, in a defined period; not random kids goofing around unsupervised whenever! People who have been here before and who know my pool rules (and I can...
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    Pool sharing in the time of Coronavirus

    My pool is 74 degrees and swimmable. We are on lockdown here in Austin TX but I am thinking of inviting friends and neighbors to share my pool as a relief from being locked in all the time. We would still maintain social distancing - one family unit using the pool at a time, and we would not...
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    First time adding CYA.

    You can also use pucks, especially in this time of low chlorine availability. Simply use as many pucks as you need to get the CYA level you want (poolmath will tell you how many) and the chlorine comes for “free”.
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    Austin, TX - New Pool Build - About to sign and need suggestions!

    Sounds good! I like my in-floor cleaner. I noticed that both you and DB Cooper put in Salt Water systems. Our PB flat refused to do it (we are in ATX also). Has the PB industry changed their opinion of SWG in TX?
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    Recommended chlorine puck brands

    My local Costco has 2 kinds of pucks mixed together. One has algaecide for sure, the other, I’m not sure...?
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    Algae ? That won't brush off

    Check that your spots aren’t really iron. If you’ve had high PH it could have deposited, and it can look like mold. Rub a vitamin C tablet on it, if it disappears like magic then it’s iron.
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    Pool green no bleach available

    Anyone else in the same situation of needing to add both CYA and Chlorine... as liquid chlorine is in short supply nationally, why not consider dichlor or tricolor - powder or pucks - instead of adding CYA and chlorine separately? Pool math will tell you how much you need to add to get your CYA...
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    Stinky Pucks?

    Ye Yes. I’m a BBB Believer and only ever bought pucks once before so I don’t know what to get! Anyway they are Clorox XtraBlue but the tablets themselves are white and no listing of copper on the label anywhere so...?
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    Stinky Pucks?

    Thanks. The bucket was sealed so I don’t know how they could get wet? Anyway I think I need to move them outside now.
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    Stinky Pucks?

    I am thinking bleach is going to be in short supply for a while. I bought a bucket of pucks from Costco, date code 20008716, and they reek! My whole garage smells of chlorine even with the lid closed on these. Is this normal? Will there be any chlorine left in them or are they just CYA pucks now?
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    Easy solar pool cover strap fix

    My solar pool cover straps have been a problem for years - coming unglued from the reel, and half of those stupid clips don’t work. Just fixed them all in about 30 minutes. To attach the straps to the reel, remove the Velcro sections and clean off old glue with a solvent and paper towel. I...
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    Easy Ascorbic Acid treatment

    Good suggestion but nope! The hill immediately above the pool is mine and I put buffalo grass on it that I haven’t needed to fertilize. There’s no way a neighbor’s fertilizer could run off into my pool.
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    MA slam for weeks, Mustard Algae will not die

    Turns out it was metal stains. Metal is uncommon in my area so I assumed it was mustard algae. Ascorbic acid took it right off, confirming metal stains.
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    Easy Ascorbic Acid treatment

    Most of my stains were at the bottom of the deep end. Also, I wanted minimum disturbance of the water so that the AA hung around the stained areas as long as possible.
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    Easy Ascorbic Acid treatment

    I don’t know where it’s coming from. My pool is on a hill and on the exposed side of the pool I have some mineral deposits so I know my pebbletec isn’t completely water tight. Assuming there’s some rebar slowly dissolving into the pool although I’d welcome any educated guess.
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    Easy Ascorbic Acid treatment

    The easy way to AA! I put 100 supermarket vitamin C tablets in a sock, tied a knot in it, and zip tied it to the end of my pool pole. Turned the pump off, started rubbing the sock around the stained areas of my pool, probably 10 square feet of stained area all around my pool. Rubbing put a...
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    MA slam for weeks, Mustard Algae will not die

    I have tried everything. Regular SLAM then MA SLAM. For weeks now. Wore out the steel brush. Pump on 24/7. Tried applying bleach directly on to the algae areas with a 10’ plumbing pipe (a trick a pool guy showed me once). Nothing works. Passing OCLT but the mustard is still there. Walls and...
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    Replacing inground pool lights with LED lights

    Toss a few battery operated floating lights in the pool?
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    Do I have the hottest pool or what? 104 degrees...

    My pool equipment logged 104 degrees F in my pool water while I was on vacation! I'm in central Texas, I had the solar cover on to control evaporation, my pool has no shade, and my pool is built on a slope so one side of the pool is exposed to the afternoon sun (that's the kicker... the...
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    CYA and Chlorine

    I think I had the same question at one point... If I may rephrase your question, "If CYA locks up chlorine, don't we only need a little more than what's locked up by the CYA? Why do we need more chlorine as the CYA level goes up?" I looked into it and my understanding is that the test kits...
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    TF-100 CYA test - Correct filling of bottle

    Hi, My high school chemistry teacher always taught that when reading the fluid level in a piece of lab equipment, to read from the bottom of the meniscus of the fluid. That works great for the graduated cylinders in the TF-100, but when it comes to the mixing bottle for CYA, when adding...
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    UV Filter Pool Chemical Levels

    The sun puts out all wavelengths of UV. We sort these different wavelengths into bands A, B, and C which have different properties. UV-A in the 315-480nm wavelength is damaging to chlorine but not particularly damaging to cellular matter. UV-C in the 180-280nm wavelength is not particularly...
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    Pictures of Salt Water flagstone or coping damage?

    Thanks! That looks like a property of the rock, not a property of the salt... Especially the one that's far away from the pool... And it's not so bad that it would dissuade me from a SWG...
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    UV Filter Pool Chemical Levels

    The UV from the UV unit is on a different wavelength than the UV from the sun. The UV from the UV unit burns very little chlorine, but it does strongly disrupt cellular matter in a way that the UV from the sun doesn't. Over the winter I had my UV unit on for about 12 hours a day and my pool...
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    3 week vacation later in summer - advise on how to handle pool while gone?

    I am in the same situation - keeping my CYA low now so I can use pucks later. I have an in-line chlor, my plan is to clean and balance the pool the day before, then raise the pool to SLAM level with bleach, drop as many tabs as will fit in my in-line chlor (I think 5), set the in-line chlor on...
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    Pictures of Salt Water flagstone or coping damage?

    Thanks to everyone who posted! The conclusion I'm coming to here is, although there are many theories why this may or may not be true, out of a body of several thousand pool owners there is no existence evidence that this problem actually happens...
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    What naturally (not which chemicals) lowers pH???

    If you're worried about toxicology, Muriatic Acid (AKA Hydrochloric Acid) is about as simple a chemical as you can get. One hydrogen atom, one chlorine atom. Both of those atoms are in your pool anyway...
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    Pictures of Salt Water flagstone or coping damage?

    We've all heard that the Texas poolbuilders are recommending against SWGs because of possible damage to stone around the pool. So far I don't think I've seen anyone post a picture of the damage caused by a SWG here. In fact, when googling for things like "salt water chlorine generator damage"...
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    LED-lights, cheap imports ?

    I would still want a pool-rated transformer for anything that was going to be close to the pool - something that was designed so that it's very difficult for it to short from the primary (120v) to the secondary (12v).
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    Hot tub water turning translucent green after adding Shock

    Is it "Spaguard Brominating Concentrate"? (Dichlor and bromide) I have a container of that and I think that's what has been turning my spa green too. Does it happen right away when you add the sanitizer? You can search my earlier thread on my green spa... Marc