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    Jules is BACK!

    It's been years since I posted here, although I've visited several times lately. I wanted to share with fellow TFP-ers that I recently started a pool maintenance business! The region where I live lacked such a service until I started my business, Jules' Pools. It is largely a result of spending...
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    Soda ash in fabric dyeing

    This is related to chemicals USED in a pool, but I had a non-pool-use question! Soda ash (sodium carbonate) is required for dyeing fabrics with certain types of dye. The site where I buy my dyes has something called DENSE sodium carbonate. I sent them a query asking how theirs was different...
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    Considering Intelliflo pump

    I posted about this yesterday and it got lost in the transition. DOH! The low speed on my pump has died, so now I have a 1-hp pump which is too powerful for my pool (smaller dirt blows right thru the filter and back into the pool). I have no timer or controller on the main pump; used to run it...
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    Pump for smallish pool

    My pump has quit and I'm afraid it may be the end of this one! It is a two-speed pump and I have been in the habit of running it 24/7 on low, which is 1/8 hp. High speed is 1 hp. I have no automation or timer. To run my solar heat, I have a 3/4 hp (uprated) booster pump. The main pump must be...
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    Pump lost prime. . .

    . . .and I don't know how to get it running again! I was going to backwash the filter as I've done many times. After shutting off the pump, I opened the strainer pot and cleaned out the strainer. Closed everything back up but the pump wouldn't pump any water! Always before, I'd start the pump...
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    Chips in fiberglass

    I've noticed a couple spots in my pool where there appears to be a small chip or hole in the fiberglass finish. There are about 3 or 4 of them. They don't seem to be leaking (tho I haven't done the dye test), but I wonder if they could/should be repaired. I've noticed a place in the bottom of...
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    Pool pump may be dead. . .

    We've had a lot of rain here, and that often results in the circuit breaker to my booster pump tripping (it's on a GFCI). Last night the circuit for the main pump was also tripped. That has only happened once before, so I wasn't too worried about it. THEN I switched it back on, went back to the...
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    Motel pools

    Went on a quick trip over the weekend; used the motel pool. The water was cloudy and greenish; the equipment looked pretty new and included an inline chlorinator (tablets, aack!) Excessive CYA, I don't doubt. There were sufficient bugs floating in the pool to motivate me to fetch the skimmer net...
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    BBB spa

    I had difficulty on my first fill with the bromine going too high. I am now on my second fill and still having the same issues. I suppose I could bite the bullet and invest in a better floater, or I could try modifying my current dispenser. This has been so frustrating I am thinking about...
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    White-on-pale-blue headers--ACK!

    This issue arose somewhat recently I think--a week or two ago? When opening a forum or topic, one sees a title below the main header. . . or rather, one DOESN'T see it very well! The type is white on a pale blue background; very hard to read. What's with that? Can that be changed? They used to...
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    sawdust pile--carpenter ants? What?

    I have seen what looks like a little pile of sawdust in a couple of places--one is just inside my back door; the other is more recent, out by the hot tub. It looks like SOMETHING must be getting in and chewing something up?? What could this be? I thought maybe carpenter ants. . . any ideas?
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    Sewing machines

    Are there any other seamstresses/tailors on this board? Amateur or otherwise? It was not a good weekend for sewing machines at my house. My primary sewing machine is a New Home and I've always loved it. I've been working on window treatments and was trying to finish up the last set of curtains...
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    This is such a basic question, but I don't think I've ever seen it addressed. . . how do you know when to replace your scumbug? :shock: I rinse mine out on a semi-regular basis. It's a bit stained around the edges, but it's not falling apart or anything. Advice would be appreciated. TIA!
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    pool light doesn't work

    There is a light fixture in my pool but it hasn't worked during the time I've lived in the house. I'm not even sure how to turn it on; maybe it's on the same circuit as the overhead light. I haven't a clue how to change the bulb. I don't know if anyone here can help me without actually seeing...
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    Preparing for vacation

    I'll be away from home for about 4 days and am planning to put a couple of trichlor sticks in the skimmer. I know trichlor is acidic and tends to deplete alk; how high should I raise the TA and pH before I go? My TA is currently at the low end of the usual recommended range (about 80) and my pH...
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    Slippery steps

    The steps in my fiberglass pool are very slippery. The previous owners stuck some bathtub stickers on the edge of the pool which does help the traction there. Seems like a good idea, but not helpful for underwater. I need to put in handrails, which may be the only helpful addition possible w/o...
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    pool pic test

    testing the attachment function
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    Top 10 (or whatever) Reasons. . .

    Julie’s Top Seven Reasons to have an indoor pool 7. Swim when it rains. 6. Extended swim season. 5. Less junk to scoop out of the pool. 4. CYA optional. 3. Sunscreen optional. 2. Swimsuits optional. 1. If the neighbors can’t see it, they won’t ask if they can borrow your pool for a party. . .
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    filter cartridges

    How often should one replace spa filter carts? The site where I buy them says clean at each refill and replace annually. Can I go longer by alternating two sets of carts? Would like to hear from others about their experiences. Thx, Jules
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    Wall whale

    I bought the Wall Whale from Leslie's and I really like it. It's a nylon-bristle brush with a "fin" or "spoiler" that uses the force of the water to press the brush to the pool wall. It's a standard-size brush (18" or 21", not sure) that attaches to a telescoping pool pole. The fin can be...
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    borax + dry acid

    I know that usually one is advised NOT to mix concentrated chemicals together before adding to the pool. However, I remember reading (on this forum) about a product that contains both borax and dry acid. I believe it's Proteam Supreme or something in the Proteam line. Would it be a bad idea to...
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    Mosquito control

    I am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes every time I go out to the pool. I use a couple of citronella bucket candles but that doesn't seem to help much. Does anyone have any great tips on keeping them away? Thx, Jules
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    refilling a fiberglass pool

    I am considering replacing my pool water, and since my pool is fiberglass, it must be filled with water at all times. I have heard about the "sheet method" for replacing pool water w/o draining the pool. I understand the basic concept, but I would like some clarification on the details. Should...
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    Pool Buster

    I have a Pool Buster and I love it. With no hoses to get in the way, it's very easy to use. I have the regular "Pool Buster Max," not the CG (commercial grade). If your pool is a good bit larger than mine, I'd suggest you try the CG. I recommend purchasing the finer-filtering "sand and silt"...
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    enzymes, metals, and shocking

    I've learned that high levels of chlorine will destroy enzymes (such as Pool Perfect) and wondered if a non-chlorine shock would leave the enzymes undamaged. I'm thinking that a strong oxidizer would probably take out the enzymes, but I wanted to get a definite answer. Also have heard that...
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    This forum doesn't have an area for pool cleaning implements and accessories, so I figured this was the closest I could get. Has anyone tried a cleaning tool called a Brumgee? It's supposed to be something of a cross between a brush (or broom) and a squeegee. It's recommended as an alternative...
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    maintaining bromine levels

    I've gotten used to the BBB system for the pool and it's just a habit now to test daily and pour in the bleach as needed. I'm still learning the ins and outs of using bromine for the spa. At first it was working fine to keep the dispenser in the spa all the time. Now my bromine levels shoot up...
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    Yesterday's posts disappeared

    My posts from yesterday have vanished! Are they gone forever? Boohoo, Jules
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    Softened water

    Does a water softener lower alkalinity? I know it exchanges the magnesium & calcium ions for sodium, but I wondered if it affact alk also. The previous owners of my pool (and house) apparently filled the pool with softened water but didn't balance it. I wondered if they used the softened water...
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    Staining caused by solar heater?

    I wasn't sure what topic this went with! Chemical, water testing, structural? I've had some mysterious staining in my pool. Several pieces of indirect evidence pointed to metals as the cause. The local pool store lady was stubborn about testing my water for metals, so I didn't actually get my...