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  1. crushkittykitty

    Dolphin M4 no longer working.. looking for recommendations for a new robot vacuum

    I read something about the m600 on here wait to buy one I am sure there will be several people that will chime in. Here was what I was reading m600
  2. crushkittykitty

    220 conduit size?

    lol better people then I are here. I will watch from here out :)
  3. crushkittykitty

    220 conduit size?

    Are you running alum wire or cooper ? alum wire would be 4 THWN cooper wire would be 6 THWN here is the chart I use here I would use 1 inch but I hate pulling wire the smaller the conduit the harder the pull. I also used pvc instead of metal try to limit bends and I just bent the pvc with a...
  4. crushkittykitty

    Robot recommendation

    well if you rent them out I am sure the warranty is void, that would be a commercial application.
  5. crushkittykitty

    Cloudy water - pollen?

    well by the filter plugging up that is good that means its taking out the bad., at least thats how I see it. I am new so :)
  6. crushkittykitty

    New pump basket floats inside pump

    how about pictures of the 2 baskets side by side
  7. crushkittykitty

    Had problem with Pentair IC40 1.5 Years Ago, Now Same Problems With IC60

    well let us know whats wrong with it since its under warranty
  8. crushkittykitty

    Liner Replacement (Inground)

    I wounder if the bottom is sand then, and good point on waiting a bit prices should fall as less people will be here :/
  9. crushkittykitty

    Extreme learning curve Please HELP!!!!

    That could be bleed threw from behind have you rubbed it with your hand to see if you can feel the wall behind the liner, and worms lol yep, pass the slam as other stated. Dont be to hard on others that said it would not work. Most have never tried and listen to the pro help at the pool...
  10. crushkittykitty

    looking for your pool bonding wire connection and i cajt find it

    mine was by were the pipes come outa the ground you could use a metal detector. but pics would help alot
  11. crushkittykitty

    Liner Replacement (Inground)

    well $3500 to drop the liner in. I should just do liners. Here there is not alot of pool companies, so my opinion is based on that. what is the pool base, when you walk on it does it fill like concrete or is it slightly spongy or does it feel like sand. ALL of them are easy to repair, mine...
  12. crushkittykitty

    Liquid chlorine prices up?

    Wait your from IOWA!!!!!! I thought I was the only one in Iowa that was on here. "HAPPY IOWA DAYS" south side here so Menards over here is a long shot.
  13. crushkittykitty

    Paypack Pool Heater -Plasticy/Burning smell when operating

    thank you I learned something today :)
  14. crushkittykitty

    Paypack Pool Heater -Plasticy/Burning smell when operating

    first off shut the gas off shut the breaker off, it looks like its in a room connected to your house. fire house burns down. Now the danger is gone. Its old dangerous Now with that said if you are like me you will want to at least see if you can see what went wrong, plastic smell is melting...
  15. crushkittykitty

    Worth getting a used Dolphin S200?

    well I have been searching for a broken one with no luck (want to find it local) to test it out of water outofwaterselftest just a thought but the price seems high for a stolen one and btw they all say used one season...
  16. crushkittykitty

    Pool green no bleach available

    just came from walmart here the pool essentials 10% 20031 date code same date code I openend with shelves of it
  17. crushkittykitty

    Needing a new pool cover

    does it cost 4 grand to replace the vinyl? Have been looking at auto covers and had no idea it would cost that much. Is that a company replacing it? what kind of warranty was on that cover and how old is it.
  18. crushkittykitty

    Pool green no bleach available

    i will trade you 4 gallons of 10% for that swg.... joking of course :) or even better I will trade 1 gallon of 10% for 4 rolls of tp. btw try (walmart pool section)
  19. crushkittykitty

    Extreme learning curve Please HELP!!!!

    cant wait for better 1/2 to get home to look at the new pics :) great job people
  20. crushkittykitty

    Another liner question please!

    lol yes its still a little cloudy but soon it will be pics from 8 feet lol
  21. crushkittykitty

    2in pipe with 1.5in connections to equipment

    I ran 2 inch mine was 1.5. At the pump its still 1.5 but you can tell the pump doesnt have to work as hard to pull water from the pool. On mine anyway. the only line that is 1.5 now is for the pool cleaner. if I open just that, the pump works harder then if i just open the 2 inch skimmer or if i...
  22. crushkittykitty

    Another liner question please!

    Here is mine at 6 feet
  23. crushkittykitty

    Another liner question please!

    with clear water you see the pattern,,,, we made that mistake spent hours trying to pick the correct one... based on made up pool color depth charts. just look at the picture of the liner that is what you will see if you use the tfp method you can see the water. :) lol fixed the cant to can...
  24. crushkittykitty

    Draining Vinyl In-Ground Pool to repair stairs?

    single shop vac and I did a break down of all the cost and were I got everything in the "under construction" section, I wish I would of put stairs in guess when redo the decking I will. here is a link mine was pretty bad. pool rebuild. wrinkles I had one in the shallow end it has since been...
  25. crushkittykitty

    When do I open up after winter?

    7:00 am vacuumed ok now to go read what this means :) other then I need cl in there with a cya of 30 though I havnt checked that since before the rain. fc 3.0 cc 2.0 tc 4.0 cya 30 just checked so no need to slam and cl should be 4-6 added just over 1/2 a gallon of 10% let me know if I am wrong...
  26. crushkittykitty

    Draining Vinyl In-Ground Pool to repair stairs?

    How does the liner feel is it hard brittle or is it pliable? How about draining it just to the top of the bottom step? What happens if the liner cant take it do you have funds to replace it now? Have you looked at some of the under water repairs for fiberglass steps? I would consider repairing...
  27. crushkittykitty

    Extreme learning curve Please HELP!!!!

    well everytime you let the fc drop durring a slam it starts over at least that what I think. but I am new so take it with a grain of salt :)
  28. crushkittykitty

    Extreme learning curve Please HELP!!!!

    woot I am pulling for ya my green pool is now clear not polished but clear,