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    I need your vote - Part 2!!!!

    Hi Everyone, thanks to your votes my son's video "going under 60 seconds" made the cut to the second round. But now we need your votes again, we are up against a video from Alberta Canada, so please go to and vote for us! Thanks again and hopefully we can make...
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    I need your vote!!!

    Sorry to post this here, hope its ok to. Hi Everyone, as some of you already know, my son (Connor) is really into short track speed skating. He skates for the Newmarket Jets Speed Skating Club. What you might not know is that recently Connor has made a video about his favourite speed skating...
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    Scary Stuff
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    High Phosphates

    Just got back from the pool store with a phosphate reading of 1000. my other numbers are pH7.9 FC 4.11 CC - 0 TC 4.11 CYA 35 alk 100 hardness 230 my options are to do nothing, as my water appears clear and no signs of algae. or I could throw in some phos out, which involves the pool getting...
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    3 days away

    I will be away from the pool for 3 days. I am going to leave my pump running 24/7 with my SWG set on low. I plan to keep the cover on the entire time. Should I leave it partway off, totally off, or leaving it on for 3 days should be ok? My current numbers are FC 2.9 CC .1 TC 3.0 alk 120 pH 7.8...
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    Favourite Pool Toys

    OK, whats your favourite pool toy. Noodles? Dive sticks? squishy balls? volleyball net, basketball net etc etc...
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    Ben's Best Guess vs. Chem Geeks Best Guest

    OK, I know there are two best guess charts... which one are most people following? I don't mean for people to picks sides or favourites, its not about popularity, I just want to know which chart is more... ummmm. accurate. I see chem's chart seems to have a higher percentage of FC vs. CYA. 60%...
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    The dreaded Mustard algae

    OK, I finally have to admit that I probably have a case of mustard algae. For days I have been trying to rationalze the dust in my pool to wood shavings from building the deck next to the pool. The yellow dust, very consistant with the description of mustard algae seems to be reappearing about 6...
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    I'm trying to start different topics that contain pictures of everyday common pool items we always talk about here, sort of like a visual library to speak. Take a look in the suggestions forum to see what I am talking about. I would like to eventually have multiple categories, ie. types of...
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    Pictures of pool stuff

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a sticky or subforum that had pictures of some of the things that we talk about and refer to here all the time, especially for the newer pool owners like me, it really helps make the connection ... things such as 1) A typical Gunite pool 2)...
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    Bromine hot tub

    my little 300gal soft tub seems to be consuming a lot of bromine. I use the 2 part bromine solution when i want to boost the level and have a floater going the rest of the time. Last year I had the floater almost closed and was able to keep a 6ppm level of bromine, this year its almost wide open...
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    Dropped some CYA in the pool

    OK, stupid me trying to add CYA in the dark into my skimmer. Accidentally dropped some into the pool and it has formed into an nice little CYA pile. Is it ok to just leave it there and it will eventually dissolve, or will it cause undue wear and tear on my vinyl liner?
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    Filter Pressure Increasing rather quickly

    I have a 16x34 IG pool with a 1.5 superflo pump/SD80 sand filter/Ig20 SWG/Pentair 300ch heater. This is my second year with the pool and everything has been good till recently when I noticed that my pressure is increasing rather quickly. Last year we opened in June and closed in Oct and we maybe...
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    low CYA low Chlorine vs. Higher CYA Higher Chlorine

    right now my readings are FC 1.88 CC 0.2 TC 2.04 CYA 30 alk 110 pH 7.8 The SWG is an IC20 running at 60% we have had lots of sun for the last week The pool is crystal clear and the pump runs for approx 16 hours a day. Now, should I try and increase my chlorine to 3-4ppm with that CYA or...
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    Timers timers timers

    OK, let me first preface this by saying I have no experience dealing with electricity, all I know is positive and negative and thats about it :shock: I want to hire an electrician to install a pool timer. My setup is this. I have a 100amp main box that services my house. There a dual 30amp...
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    Question for the deck guy (ChrisS)

    We just finished our deck (pressure treated) and would like to leave it natural but want to seal it. Can I only seal the top boards instead of doing all the railings, planter boxes (pretty much anything vertical) since the water doesnt really stand like it does on the top of the deck. and...
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    Its time to hear from some of your international representatives, ok, so it's Canada, your northern neighbor. (I live about 30 minutes north of Toronto) Yes we spell things a little differently here and use metric instead of imperial but taking care of pools is all the same. Did I mention our...
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    FACT OR URBAN LEGEND - dark liners

    Do darker liners actually retain/heat your pool faster?
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    Cabana/shed whatever you call it.

    I'm looking at putting in a corner cabana this year, anyone have any pictures, ideas, how you built it, or did you order it?