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  1. HeyEng

    New here from Oklahoma

    Welcome to TFP from another Okie!
  2. HeyEng


    If you get the buoy, purchase it from somewhere that has easy returns as it too has false alarms. They aren't too much of a nuisance in our case since they are caused by either heavy rain or very windy conditions. Nonethelesss, it isn't very cheap and if it causes too many false alarms, I am...
  3. HeyEng

    Can wind raise pH?

    Take a few minutes (or more...that would be preferable) and read all about pool chemistry here... ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry - Trouble Free Pool
  4. HeyEng

    Can wind raise pH?

    Probably because with a CYA of 40 (TFP methods has users round up to nearest ten) then your FC should be in the 5-7 range and 3 would be the bare minimum.
  5. HeyEng

    Can wind raise pH?

    I don't think the wind would effect it *too* much...well, unless it was causing swells in your pool. I am in Oklahoma and's windy...very windy, in fact. Nonetheless, I don't really see too much of a PH rise and in the last 6 months, I have only had to add a very small amount (twice) of...
  6. HeyEng

    S200 no extention cord?

    I've been using one since I bought mine and have had no issues. It's plugged into a GFCI outlet and isn't close enough to the pool to get pulled in inadvertently.
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    Wow, that is significant! It wouldn't take very long to get the CYA up to 100+ with that concentration.
  8. HeyEng

    Project in SE PA, bought a foreclosure w A&S pool

    That is looking fantastic! I anxiously await the next update!!!
  9. HeyEng

    Bleach: how old is too old?

    It amazes me how much folks will spend for convenience. We have a fairly large yard with fescue grass and it takes quite a bit of time to manage it. We called in a couple of estimates for a fertilizer service and that would cost us about $180 *per* treatment!!! No way, No how!! Nonetheless...
  10. HeyEng

    Why I don’t swim in ponds...

    Blah! That is a disturbing picture! I had to go add a couple of FC's to the pool "just to be safe" :laughblue: I don't have a LOT of goals in life, but not having a case published in a professional medical journal is NOW one of them!
  11. HeyEng

    New Coke

    All I know is that new Coke was terrible. But, very happy that it's quite easy to find the Mexican Coke around here (the beverage!) that uses cane sugar instead of's so yummy!
  12. HeyEng

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    That's only a week old...I think you might hold the record for "newest" bleach! ;)
  13. HeyEng

    Frustration with pH testing

    I too see 7.2 I bought one of the meters and haven't been too happy with it. Between the calibrations and numbers not matching the Taylor kit, it's just garbage as far as I am concerned. When I test, if I have any doubt that it's "close" to 8, I will knock it down to 7.5 and that has been...
  14. HeyEng

    Draining pool necessary when CYA is 120+

    Well, I would take that as a win...I am surprised they did *that* much!
  15. HeyEng

    Draining pool necessary when CYA is 120+

    It would take a long time to let it "creep down" to a level that is more manageable. The odds of having the old service company compensate you are very, very slim. Since most of the companies use pucks, then over time all those pools will have high CYA and eventually reach "chlorine lock" where...
  16. HeyEng

    Someone must make this?

    If you don't want to spend $500+ for a Sonos amp, you might look at the TIC AMP's $169 on Amazon and in my opinion works pretty darn well. They have a 4 channel as well for $249.00. I have found that the Bluetooth range is excellent and for the most part, I am not having to use the...
  17. HeyEng

    VS or 2 speed pump

    We are in a "new" home and have yet to install a surge suppressor. In our last house, we had one at the meter (through the power company) and also one installed at the main panel. I also had surge power strips for the electronics. Was it over kill? Probably. But, where we lived...there were lots...
  18. HeyEng

    What's your current pool temp?

    Ours stayed fairly warm after we ran the heater last week...well, until it rained. It's now down to 65 and even a little chilly to stick my arm in for water samples. Pretty sure it would take a couple of bottles of vodka to convince me to jump in! ;)
  19. HeyEng

    Can you run a cartridge filter with only 1 cartridge?

    I have (but haven't used) one of these that is recommended by a few folks here...sure seems like it could help make the task a little easier.
  20. HeyEng

    Fighting High pH and other test results...

    Thanks for the answer. My TA tends to hang around 90, but PH doesn't trend up too much. We had a good bit of rain/churning over the weekend and it pushed the PH up, so I added the recommended level of MA and noticed a "warning" in the app that high TA could require different "dosing" of MA but...
  21. HeyEng

    Cloudy Water After Heavy Rain/First SLAM

    I second the thought that it's probably pollen/dirt. We had close to 3" on Saturday and we had the same "cloudiness" on Sunday morning. I checked chemicals, and the only number that was off was PH (it was high, but makes since with all the churning). I let the pump run all night and...
  22. HeyEng

    Fighting High pH and other test results...

    Quick question on TA. If the "regulars" keep TA at 50-70 then why does the pool math app suggest 70-90+? I am not trying to be a wise guy (but my wife says I am good at that!) just trying to learn.
  23. HeyEng

    VS or 2 speed pump

    This is mentioned occasionally, but I think it bears repeating. If you decide to go with the VS pump, give serious consideration to a surge suppression solution. These pumps are very expensive and the electronics are quite susceptible to power surges that can fry them, making them useless. If...
  24. HeyEng

    Recommendations on Gas pool heaters

    I second getting a large heater. I initially thought the one for our pool was sized too large, but in retrospect, it's perfect and heats the water at about 3 degrees an hour. We have taken several swims already, and the season hasn't even started! One thing, though...for the record...natural...
  25. HeyEng


    We have an alarm (this one) but it is ONLY for an extra layer of protection for OUR PETS...not for children. It works fairly well and for the one time one of our 14 pound dogs fell in, it did go off. BUT, it does tend to set off false alarms but only when it's pretty windy out. Would I rely on...
  26. HeyEng

    Is CYA going away?

    I couldn't find anything on Kentucky, but in NY, it is illegal when used in public pools. From the relevant code section: (4) Use of cyanuric acid-based chlorine (or any other chlorine stabilizer) is prohibited. Pools found using or containing any cyanuric compound shall be closed, drained and...
  27. HeyEng

    Pollen Bombs go BOOM

    I would guess that HEB's "brand" isn't manufactured *just* for HEB. It's the same stuff that is marketed to lots of places and I would also guess comes from the exact same manufacturing facility. I wonder if this reduction is some sort of mandate or just another cost saving/profit increasing...
  28. HeyEng

    Pool robot

    I'm there with you. We had quite a bit of stuff blow in yesterday and I have only had to spend about 30 minutes netting stuff out. The rest is done w/ the hairnets and the's about as easy as it can be. I fully expect the pool to be back to pristine condition within 3 hours.
  29. HeyEng

    Turnover - Necessary or not?

    I think this is very useful information. I tend to let my pump run for an hour after adding chemicals and have seen that the chemical level will have increased to the "expected level" within that time. I also test the water on the opposite end of the pool in which I add chemicals.