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  1. epro05

    2019 Bleach Prices

    I guess it's about time to get the 2019 bleach price thread going. So I'll start. Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid 10%. 2 gallon pack at Walmart for $6.44 ($3.22 per gallon).
  2. epro05

    Chlorine Date Code Decoder/Easy Way to Measure Strength.

    When I search Greensboro Walmarts, I see $2.94 for the Great Value 6% Bleach. It's also $2.94 in my area. Which Walmart has it for $1.77? A better deal at Walmart (for me) is "Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid" at $3.64 per gallon (128 oz, not 121 oz). The 2 pack cartons are $3.22 per...
  3. epro05

    Chlorine Bleach in Dallas Area

    Now that it's hard to find 8.25% bleach, I found out that some Walmarts in my area (but not all) carry Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid. I haven't found it at the smaller neighborhood Walmarts but some of the big ones have it. The 2 pack's are $6.44 ($3.22 per gallon) which is a better...
  4. epro05

    2018 Bleach Prices

    Now that it's hard to find 8.25% bleach, I found out that some Walmarts in my area (but not all) carry Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid. I haven't found it at the smaller neighborhood Walmarts but some of the big ones have it. The 2 pack's are $6.44 ($3.22 per gallon) which is...
  5. epro05

    2018 Bleach Prices

    Not sure how long it will last, but I just went to Target and their bleach was still 8.25%. I hope they don't get caught up in the "6% for 8.25%price" trend.
  6. epro05

    At what water temp does the pump need to remaining running?

    I think you need to be concerned about air temperature, if you have pipes exposed to the air. You don't want the water in exposed pipes to freeze.
  7. epro05

    How do you collect water when it's cold?

    I use a homemade PVC pipette.
  8. epro05

    Date code?

    It is likely that the "sell by" date is one year from the date of manufacture. So I'm guessing that bleach date code is Feb 2017
  9. epro05

    Why Difference in 1st and 2nd pH test?

    I rinse everything well after doing my testing, using the pool water to rinse. I also rinse the cap that goes onto the pH tube. Next time I do testing, I first rinse again using the pool water sample before starting the test. I get consistent results.
  10. epro05

    Clorox changed chlorine %?

    Apparently they are marking this Cloromax Technology. We don't want Cloromax. We just want plain bleach at 8.25%. Hope they are not discontinuing what we want. For me I'll just keep buying Walmart Great Value plain bleach.
  11. epro05

    Testing image hosting through google

    I can't see a picture in post 15, just a small black box with an x in it. When I right click and select "show picture", I still don't see a picture.
  12. epro05

    Tired of pH drift

    Yes I do:D Those 3 fountains run whenever my pool pump is running (which I try to keep down to 2 hours a day - seems to work for me). But I do have to add MA every few days. My CH is lower so I can let pH run up to 7.8 without causing a CSI problem.
  13. epro05

    Will TFP method work with tabs?

    I'm in Fort Worth, not too far from you, so we both have similar weather. In the winter/early spring my CYA will drop to near zero from my 60ppm summer levels. I guess part of that is because of all the rain/overflow we get in those months. In spring/early summer, with my CYA near zero ppm, I...
  14. epro05

    Pool Math calculator

    It remembers mine too.
  15. epro05

    Tired of pH drift

    Your signature includes "aerator jets". Aeration will definitely raise pH. Any way to cut them off.
  16. epro05

    OTO test shows higher chlorine content with a more diluted sample??

    I'm confused. How do you double the amount of water. Don't you fill the cylinder with pool water up close to the top of the cylinder? How do you add twice that amount of water to the cylinder without overflowing. Do you use another container to double the water?
  17. epro05

    Is excess chlorine wasted, rather than consumed or burned off by the sun?

    I do exactly what you are suggesting, with great success. My CYA is 60 so FC min is 5ppm and target per the chart is 7-9ppm. I always measure my FC and add bleach after the sun is off the pool and usually measure 5ppm (the recommended minimum), then I only add enough bleach to bring it up to 7...
  18. epro05

    Testing image hosting through google

    I see them, and was instantaneous (no lag).
  19. epro05

    Should I switch from liquid Chlorine to Tablets...Seems more economical

    I get my Great Value bleach at Walmart for $2.94/121oz jug. The best thing about my store is that it always seems to have fresh date codes, usually about 2 weeks old. Nice!
  20. epro05

    Dark spots all over Taylor cylinder

    When I finish my FAS DPD test, I rinse the cylinder thoroughly, then dry out the outside and inside with a paper towel. No brown spots after 4 years of using the same cylinder.
  21. epro05

    Tips and Tricks

    Re: A couple of tips I thought everybody knew. Anybody got some I used 1 inch PVC pipe and had the same problem. I added a top cap with a hole drilled in it. Easy to cover the hole with my thumb. To make the water stay in, I used some fittings to neck down the bottom end to a smaller...
  22. epro05

    DIY Laminar Flow Nozzle

    It didn't really stay dry. It was in the open end at the bottom of tube. Rain couldn't directly hit it, but splashes could. Sometimes when it got wet it would stop working, but starting working again after it dried out.
  23. epro05

    DIY Laminar water jets

    You are certainly welcome :D
  24. epro05

    DIY Laminar Flow Nozzle

    Nope, didn't move it to the pool. I just ran it static for a year or two. I added a bit of bleach to the water every couple of days to keep it sanitized. I finally got tired of taking care of it and disposed of it. It was a really fun project though.
  25. epro05

    DIY Laminar water jets

    Cool Project with Great Results. Not sure if you've seen my similar project, but here it is if you're interested.
  26. epro05

    How long does Bleach stay usable?

    Yes, but it will be 2.5% bleach at the end of the year.
  27. epro05

    chemicals costco

    $79 for 80 (~40 pounds) is $2 per pound. That is a good price. If your pool is new, you can use the tabs to help bring up your CYA level to target. After CYA is at target, quit using the tabs, except for when you are away on vacation etc. Liquid chlorine (bleach) won't raise your CYA...
  28. epro05

    Plaster issue, need advice

    The two links somehow are conjoined as one. If you copy each one and paste into browser, they work.
  29. epro05

    How often do you actually use your pool?

    I'm retired and use the pool for exercise (laps). During the season, I swim every day, and sometimes twice a day (morning, to wake up, and evening, to refresh)