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    Best Pool Robot to work under Solar Cover

    Hi Guys, My second pool robot (smarthome pool) died and I am in the market for a better one. Are there any pool robots that work well underneath a solar cover? It seems like the chord always gets stuck, my last one had a giant swivel with the idea of 360 chord twisting ability BUT that turned...
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    SLAM was successful but maintenance question

    Hi - so I have no seen anymore yellow algae since the SLAM. My CYA diluted test came back with very high levels , depending on light 120-160. So my maintenance level should be 12-16. Question, PH reading is off over FC10. So I am still just letting it come down from Shock level which was 47...
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    DPD Powder

    So I have probably done 15 tests and I am getting low on DPD powder - it says its good for about 100 tests. I am using 1 heaping blue spoon full. But there is no way I can get 100 tests out of that little amount of powder. Am I using too much?
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    Test Results are in - who is the winner?

    Ok, after pleasing my inner child and using my new test kit here are the results: AL 120 PH 7.2 FC 11 CC nada Calcium 1325 (ouch) CYA 100 Pool temp: 85, Solar Cover on So the water is crystal clear and all seems fine except...if I don't do anything after about 5 days I can see a few spots of...
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    Speed Stir

    Hi Guys, got my test kit today. Unfortunately, I can't get the speed stir to work. Tried a different set of batteries too. Is there a trick or something I need to know other then inserting batteries the right way and hitting the on button? thanks, tom
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    PH Test with FC above 10

    Hey Guys, If your FC level is above 10 and you test PH is the result skewed in the too low or too high reading? T
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    Kemtek Liquid Chlorine + CYA info

    Hey Guys, wanted to share the information that Kemtek, the makers of some pool chemicals have up on their website...please look at what they say about Conditioner CYA Level when using liquid Chlorine. Quote: Free chlorine -- the most active chlorine in pool water -- should be tested every...
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    Floatron thoughts

    Hi, curious if anyone here has used this device. Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier | Smarthome lots of (paid) positive feedback on it ...
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    Safe Water Levels Clarification

    Hi Guys, On the FC / CYA chart - which level is safe to swim in. Can one go in at the shock level? Or do you need to wait until you get back to maintenance level? (which may be quite high when CYA is high) Thanks!
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    Hi from CA

    Hi Guys, My Name is Tom and I am in the Agoura/Westlake/Malibu area of CA. My pool's name is Anthony, born in the 70's and addicted to yellow algae. We moved in here about 6 years ago - been mostly a smooth ride other then brushing off some yellow algae. Nobody told me tabs will end in high...
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    CYA Reducers

    Hi there, My CYA was 125 and I used this CYA reducer (Cyanuric Acid Reducer Reduce CYA Levels by Bio-Wish Technologies Bio-Active | eBay) to bring it down to 100. Still very high. I am considering doing 2 more rounds and hope to end up in the 60's possibly. Replacing the water is no option...