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    Which SWG???

    I see CircuPool does have a bit of a comparison chart. Obviously, I would expect it to be biased.
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    Which SWG???

    Is there a comparison chart out there anywhere? A quick search seems to turn up a lot of manufacturers that don't get much mention here (CircuPool, CompuPool, Resilience, Nexa, Intermatic, SGS, etc.) It would be nice to seem something that listed all the manufacturers, models, initial cost...
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    Threshold for salt taste and potential damage to plants

    I was doing a little digging on the web and I've noticed a discrepancy between the threshold given for tasting salt. Most of what I've read here and on the SWG manufacturer's sites list 4000 to 6000 ppm as being the point at which most people can taste salt. Earlier this year I added enough...
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    Non-SWG Salt Pool Alternatives

    Marie, I've found it here: Never actually used it, but it looks interesting. Tom
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    Non-SWG Salt Pool Alternatives

    I have. Are there any hidden corrosion or other detrimental effects of having borates in the water?
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    Survey - A Pinch of Salt...

    Since Ever know of anyone who doesn't like a SWCG pool? has been so lively (and I need to up my rank :wink: ), I have decided to throw out a survey. Hopefully those outside of this particular category will take time to respond as well.
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    Non-SWG Salt Pool Alternatives

    For the sake of not getting off topic in Ever know of anyone who doesn't like a SWCG pool? I have started this topic. Does anyone know of an alternative to salt use in non-swg pools that will provide the same benefits as salt pools without the potential for damage to the surrounding surfaces...
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    SWG & the environment

    Aldi's sells 40lb bags of 99.9% pure water softener salt for $3.39/bag. I used two of these in my 15' easy set and it brought the salt level up to 3400 ppm. Regardless of what is said about not being able to taste the salt until 6000 ppm, I can definitely taste it at this concentration (and so...