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  1. Yaeugd

    Blowing out bottom returns question

    This is my first time blowing out my pool. Everything went easy with a 6.5 hp shop vac except the bottom returns. My equipment is below the pool and when blowing out the lines I have some water come back at me. I can’t poor in antifreeze or don’t know if I blew it past the frost line. I have...
  2. Yaeugd

    Hayward multi port won’t open?

    Just opened my pool. I still don’t have pavers so there was a lot of dirt and sand in the pool ,The company put together the equipment. I was about to vacuum pool in waste when the multi port would not turn. So I tried to open it up as I did in the past and it won’t come apart? All the screws...
  3. Yaeugd

    Question about evaporation in cooler weather

    I live In long Island NY and we finished installing a new pool in August. I been keeping up with the day to day maintenance and noticed that the water level over the last 2 weeks going down every week. we haven't used the pool in a week, Last Sunday on 9/30 I filled up the pool about a hours...