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    Pool guy ruined summer

    FYI, this looks exactly like a Splash Super Pool. The straps, skimmer, and other fittings appear identical to my 21' x 41' version. See ::SPLASH SUPERPOOLS::. I purchased mine used, but from what I understand you can purchase this entire pool complete (liner, supports, plumbing, pump, filter...
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    Intex newbie, iron bacteria in well water

    I'm pretty sure you want to remove as much of the iron as possible before adding the chlorine, but without any CYA in the water, the chlorine will probably burn off in a day or two at most. The first year I had an Intex I had the same issue, but the orange showed up the day after filling...
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    What is bonding the pump to the pool?

    John, Does this apply to EZ-Set type pools? Can you provide any additional info on the clamps? Is there a depth specified (touching the liner, under the sand, etc.)? Thanks! Tom
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    Fiberglass Stains

    I have a 15' easy set Intex and also use well water to fill my pool. When filling the pool last year the water looked fairly clear. The next day the water was orange and quite a bit of the iron had precipitated out onto the bottom. I started adding metal free and changed the cartridge filter...