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    Don't know what I was thinking...added to much Muric Acid

    Added .75 gal of Muric Acid on a PH reading of 8.2 in my 20,000 gallon green swamp/pool as first step to open.. Waited 1 hr. Remeasured, same result (8.2 or higher), so added another .75 gal WRONG! That shot it to below 6.x (whatever the low end of the scale is....which is not accurate as...
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    Pump Failure..should I shock/ raise CL until fixed?

    So I lost my pump motor and have a new motor on order. Won't be able to fix is for a week or two. Pool chemistry is perfect right now, and pool clean....but what should I do knowing there will be no cleaning or filtering for a few weeks? I live in the northeast, so water temps are cold...
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    Variation of test results of CYA (testing issue)

    Thank you. I have consistency from test to test. I get the same number. But the accuracy as described in the pool school notes applies to test equipment accuracy, NOT user error. What the note from Pool School says is: The precision of the test, when done correctly, is around plus or...
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    Variation of test results of CYA (testing issue)

    Thank you. Maybe I am being stupid, but if my CYA test reads 30, and it is + or - 15 PPM per the pool school notes on CYA testing, then my actual CYA is 15-45 PPM. Now FC targets are are a function of the CYA, so the FC targets are all over the map.
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    Variation of test results of CYA (testing issue)

    I am converting to TFP. Got my test kit. My water is fine, I completed my SLAM and now looking to just maintain. So I had the store test my water just to very the TF-100 test kit results and the CYA is significantly different.:( Here are the results: Store TF-100 FC 6.18 6.5 CC 0...
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    SLAMing a Vacation Home Pool (Weekends only)

    So I am new the forum, but I now have the religion (and a good Kit). I am only at my pool on weekends (pm Friday-monday a.m.). I am slaming now, but not finished. How should I leave the pool for the week? Water is clear, but still consuming chlorine. I do have a tricolor feeder, but...
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    Green swamp now clear, but new algae stains from winter remain :-(

    Enclosed is a photo of the test result referenced above. This is a stair/shelf in the deep end about 15" deep. The 3" puck was placed at the 2:00 position on the left most square. It is now white. The Vit C test was done at the 3:00 position of middle square. No change. The OCLT did not...
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    Green swamp now clear, but new algae stains from winter remain :-(

    I just got my test kit yesterday, I am no longer blind! I am at the near end point of SLAMing my pool and staining still exists over 1/2 the pool surface. The water is now crystal clear and I can see the plaster perfectly clear, including the 12' deep end. The staining is a brownish/tan stain...