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  1. jwfrank

    Choosing correct flow rate for chlorine dosing or metering pump

    I posted this on a Stenner thread. I will try a new “generic” thread. basically my question is: should I choose a flow rate for a back pressure higher than what the pool filter shows? Would it reduce the run time of the dosing pump because the flow rate is higher? I am buying a replacement...
  2. jwfrank

    Dolphin S300i caddy assembly problem

    Just purchased Dolphin300i and it seems to be a great problem. But I stumbled on the first page of the caddy assembly. I could not get the plastic plate off to use the 2 screws to hold the verticle pole. I did not want to force it and break the plastic. Any suggestions? many thanks (See...
  3. jwfrank

    Dolphin S300i filter basket micron question

    I am replacing an Aquabot Viva whioch has given good service over 7 years. Based on reviews on TFP, I have chosen the Maytronics Dolphin S300i. the Aquabot had a fine fabric filter bag which cleaned down to 2 microns, good for fine dirt and silt. I note that the S300i has 2 options, one for 30...
  4. jwfrank

    spa thermai blanket and pH, will blanket control pH?

    i recently decided to replace my hot tub cover, and in so doing, came across the idea of using a termal blanket (closed cell polyethelene foam, supposedly clorine resistent - but after receiving it I have to wonder if one needs to pay the premium for this from a spa store ??) My goal was to...
  5. jwfrank

    18% Stabilized chlorinating solution

    Bison Labs makes an 18% chlorinating solution which is stabilized. Bison makes it under 20+ different names including Crystal Aqua , Chlorisan ,Swim-Chlor ... _NR=038942 I am thinking of using it in my Liquidator, and as a means of adding some CYA which...
  6. jwfrank

    Floating electric pond skimmer for a pool?

    Has anyone thought of or explored the idea of using an electric pond surface skimmer for the sides of a pool where debris collects because of the water flow? here is one by OASE for example ... oducts_pi1[product]=157 Flow rate is claimed to be 925...
  7. jwfrank

    pool skimmers other than poolskim and dragonfly?

    I bought a house with a poorly designed infinity pool 16x40 ft. So I don't keep the water level up to the infinity edge, and the pool doesn't have built in skimmers/scuppers. It does have 2 powerful returns along the long wall (north) and the eyeballs direct the water to the south wall, the...
  8. jwfrank

    Does CYA get used up or disappear? definitive answer please

    When I started using this site 4 years ago, as a complete newbie, I quickly learned that CYA will ONLY diminish by splash-out. And yet, I have noticed my CYA has fallen from +100 levels to below 30 levels - and I have virtually NO splash out. (I add chlorine with Liquidator.) By chance I have...
  9. jwfrank

    portable underwater speaker

    I have a pool and i would like to listen to ipod music when doing exercise laps. I am looking for a portable waterproof speaker that I can lower into the pool connected to an amplifier connected to the ipod I found only one post dating back 3 years Does anyone have any recent experience with...
  10. jwfrank

    Liquidator: in-line debris filter/screen

    For some reason, when I installed the LQ a year ago, I installed the water in-take line (pressure) in the pump outflow and before filter. (I believe I read that would increase pressure) Because the water isnt filtered, I sometimes get small debris that pass through the pump filter, and are...
  11. jwfrank

    How accurate must be DPD dipper amount??

    Its hard to measure exactly one dipper because of the granular nature of the powder In another forum, our tireless expert Chem Geek wrote that the precise amount is NOT IMPORTANT QUOTE just need to add enough powder to get a decent color. Any extra won't require more drops. Think of...
  12. jwfrank

    Winterizing Liquidator ??

    Any tips for cleaning LQ for winter? I have WS or scale on inside walls at the bottom half where liquid chlorine collected. Not at the top area where the chlorine was diluted I imagine there may be some build-up / scaling on inside of tubes and valves. (Although maybe not since i didnt have...
  13. jwfrank

    what causes CYA to fall ? (no splash out!)

    I am a very happy BBB user thanks to TFP. Very stable pH and TA (Liquidator as well, with solid results) Opened the pool after last year's use of Dichlor (before BBB) with CYA of 110. Drained the pool water to start season at 85. A few months it was own to 75 and now 55, which I know is a...
  14. jwfrank

    HEAD PILLOWS Sweetwater/Sundance spa

    I have head pillows purchased from the spa manufacturer (now Jacuzzi, I believe) that have developed blisters after only a year. I am careful about adding chemicals (bleach and acid) and chlorine levels are not high 1/ Can anyone shed any light as to the likely reason for the blisters? 2/...
  15. jwfrank

    black ring at water level, vinyl in-ground pool

    Checking thru posts, I see this black ring at water level is referred to as a "scum line" Is there a natural product (like baking soda is used in BBB and that is readily available in supermarket or hardware stores) that can be used to remove it without upsetting chem balance?
  16. jwfrank

    False pH reading with Taylor kit: stating the obvious

    maybe I can help others. I have been helped enormously by this forum I occasionally have had very low, off the chart, pH readings when using Taylor kit. I would do a second test and the reading would be normal, where I expected it. The reason, I discovered, was that in the cases where I did...
  17. jwfrank

    High CYA, High TA: a connection?

    I have high CYA (200+), since I havent drained my hot tub since learning about BBB method. (now I am using bleach.) TA is actually very high too (150+) but Saturation Index is close to zero, based on Taylor Watergram. Taylor explains a "CYA correction to TA" but mentions that "some members of...
  18. jwfrank

    Commercial bleach: testing concentration

    Is there an easy test for the percent concentration of commercial bleach? I know that over time, bleach will lose some of its chlorine power. Is there a simple test, or calculation using Taylor's kit, that would allow me to test the actual chlorine level of a jug of bleach?