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    2000 Bahia by Sundance spa wires getting hot!

    I recently been having a problem with my spa. I just replaced my circuit board (6600-288). Also have a rev 5.56 chip in it. I now have a problem with my wires from my circuit board to the heater getting hot and almost melting. They turn black but do not smell like a short. I have had to replace...
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    Pressure switch PSI

    I have a 2000 Sundance Bahia spa and I was wondering what PSI my pressure switch be set at with a new filter? Mike
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    I need a new 2000 Sweetwater Bahia Circuit Board

    My Circuit board took a dive today. My heater is not working and you can see the board where the power comes out of the board to the heater is cooked. My board is a 6600-204 but I cant fine one. They recommend the 6600-288. Is this true? I have a circulation pump on it. Thanks, Mike