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    Logistic question, how far/long of a run of pipe should be between the pool pump and the filter

    This is more of a "what is the answer/fact" question. So I am going to replace my pool filter with a cartridge filter (TY for that recommendation also). I have space next to my pump (its perfect pool filter size space), but I don't believe there will be a very long run from my pool pump to...
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    Looking to replace a Hayward Microclear Stainless Steel II 72 DE filter with a Pentair Quad DE filter. Size question.

    so my Hayward is looking to go the way of the do-do (been there probably since the pool was installed in 75). Trying to figure out which size works. The Quad D.E. 60 or the Quad D.E. 80. Pools 30k gallons, with a variable speed on 24/7. Average flow off the meter's looks to be 30 gallons a...
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    Can't seem to get the pool to 3ppm chlorine

    I have my theories but lemme ask here to see if I am missing something. Have a 30,000 pool (125 feet around, my guestimates its 30k with a 10 foot deepend). Have a circupool rj60 that I installed last year. All the chemical balances are correct except the chlorine content. I am trying to get...
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    Do I need skimmer diverter valves if main drain is plumped separately?

    I have three returns coming from the pool, the skimmers are 1, the main drain is number 2, and the drain for the spa is the third. The spa and main drain has their own valve. The main drain and the skimmer valve are always open. Do I need skimmer diverters (UFO's?) Thanks.
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    Planning on Changing Pool Filter, the Pentair Quad DE filter (question on valve selection).

    So i know the Pentair Quad DE needs a specific type of valve, but does one exist (that works), which allows me to drain some pool water without having to backwash the DE filter itself (from what I have read, some people complain about the Pentair Quad DE filter and that the grids blow out if you...
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    How long does it take you to clean your pool?

    For the first time in 2 years I am having issues keeping the bottom of my pool clean. I've done quite a bit to keep it clean beforehand, have a polaris with a sand/silt bag, a poolskim, nx2 for cleaning the top, cleaned out the de filter in total, etc. Now it seems I have a endless battle...
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    Sac anode, zinc in pool ok?

    Now that I have the swg working I am looking to bond my pump, heater, filter and swg. I am probably buying some marine anodes (because why pay 80 dollars for something that’s 3 bucks), but I have a question. obviously as the zinc degrades it gets put into the water, is this safe/ok. Do I have...
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    31k pool, 12 bags in, estimated 20 bags, when to start up swg?

    Dumped 12 bags of 40lb salt into the pool. It’s currently dissolving. I have a 31k pool. My estimates is that the pool should take 20 bags total (800 lbs). the pool salt content before was less than 400ppm of salt (plaster was redone and pool refilled earlier this year). I am debating on...
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    Line, load, SWG, Variable speed pump that never turns off, how would you set it up?

    I am about to wire this circupool rj60 but ran into a Slight Snafu. Have a intermatic dual timer box, there all 230/240. Timer 1 is wired to the Variable Speed pump. The Timer never turns off (its wired correctly, the lugs that turns it on and off have been removed). The pump never shuts...
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    Stenner tube type for muriatic acid.

    I just setup a loop for a circupool salt water generator and I have plumbed into the top of the loop my stenner pump. The current tubing is too short for my application so I need to find about 25 feet of it. Are there specific tubing that are rated for muriatic acid? Should I get a...
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    Building a vertical kit for swg, weight concern.

    I am going to build a vertical kit for a swg (circupool). Just have two questions. 1) would sweep elbows be a better option than the direct 90 elbows for flow? 2) the vertical kit is suspended in the air... I am slightly concerned about weight. I will attach a photo. There anything I...
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    checkvalve prior to salt water generator

    I have about a 4 to 6 foot section of Plumbing that comes out of the heater that I am looking to adjust and need some feedback. Currently I have plumbed in the following. 1) Check valve (old one) 2) Tab Chlorine Dispenser. 3) Pipe connection for booster pump. I am purchasing the SWG from...
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    There an easy way to unglue unions? Or just start from scratch?

    Going to do some plumbing and went to the youtube gods. I am considering attempting to save a one way valve, but I’d have to free it from the glued piping... Is it worth trying to save some pipe connections or should I just chop it all off and start from scratch?
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    Do you ever shutoff a variable speed pump?

    I understand the concept of cycling the entire pool contents daily for a clean pool, but is there any real reason to ever shutoff a variable speed pump? I have mine running 24/7, at about 750 rpm for 20 hours and 1700 rpm for 4 hours for the booster pump (polaris). Reason I am asking is that I...
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    Lbs per day to gallons of chlorine, and run times, electrical costs?

    Attempting to calculate my pool need and convert the lbs/day to what my pool actually takes (looking at the Circupool models). From my estimate, a LB of chlorine is "roughly" equal to about a gallon of 12% chlorine. Assuming a chlorinator can produce 2 lbs of chlorine a day if running at...
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    A question regarding circupool sj-55 and rj-60. Mounting upside down?

    I am about to pull the trigger on the SJ-55 (mostly because its 600 dollars less than the RJ), but doing some research on them I've run into a question regarding flow. 1) I have a variable speed pump, can the SJ-55 be mounted upside down? I am referencing this thread Chlorinator and VS Pump...
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    30k pool, mulling over circu rj45 plus. Will it do or should I do the 60?

    Before people say "do the 60", There's a substantial discount on the 45 (880) vs the 1400 for the 60. I also have a variable speed pump that runs 24/7 (usually on very low flow except for 3 hours where it's higher to get the booster pump running for the polaris, this is daily. Normally the...
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    Anode, bonding wire, what do you connect that wire to?

    I’ve been googling this for a few hours and can not find an actual explanation of what you connect this bonding wire to. I am looking to do a swg and want to add a anode to the system to protect my equipment. I understand that you need to bond the anode, and I can see the wire, but I have...
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    Pool water fill valve? Fill port is not in skimmer basket.

    There is a fill water port/pipe that runs from the outdoor spikett to the pool side. Is there some device that I can fashion to this to make it auto fill the pool as needed? I know of the float devices that work in the skimmer.. is there one that works for the side? the hose is burried under...
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    Trip advice, 2 weeks away from the pool.

    Needed some advice on how to go about this. In Texas, heats probably 100 in early September. Have a variable speed, a solar breeze, 280 Polaris, spa, pool, 3 drain options (skimmer, spa, pool). my ph seems to always want to rise and I put in about 15 oz of muratic acid a week. I don't...
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    Powering a Stenner, 120v, 220 lines, suggestions and options

    I have an oddball dilemma regarding how to power a Stenner pump and to what extents I should go to power this thing. It is a Econ pump, 120 volts. I specifically wanted this one for programming purposes. Now wired to where I intend to install this pump is a bunch of 220 volt leads. I...
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    Electrical Question, can I wire a pair of 120v 15v or 220v outlets to a Intermatic?

    Its a fairly simple question and mostly an electrical one. I'm looking to get a Stenner pump but would have to either direct wire them straight to the pool intermatic, or add a pair of outlets to the system. Fairly simple question, can the wire that feeds the intermatic support a pair of...
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    Stenner, completely lost on choices and options.

    I was about to consider pulling the trigger on a salt water chlorinator when I started reading this forum about a Stenner pump and barrel. Now I'm pretty much 100% onboard with it but I need to figure out which ones to get.. I want to do a dual stenner setup (one for chlorine and one for...
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    Filling gaps in pool deck and side of pool?

    I'm looking up some methods (specifically what to fill it with), for filling in gaps in the concrete on the side of the pool (where the decking meets the top of the pool). the separations on the side (where the pool coping tiles meet the rock deck) so deck o seal is out I believe. Gaps...
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    Good Grief the Trouble to find a Raypak Installer (finally happening)

    Ignoring my last few rant filled sad face posts, good news. I finally found a installer that would do a Raypak heater as well as all the necessary ventilation to get it up and running. A few comments regarding the setup I had. 10 foot high shed attached to house (painted, shingled). Pool...
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    Jandy JXi questions (heater setup and pool pump).

    I've given up on my Raypak dreams and am going to go down the route of the Jandy heater. I am developing a parts list have a few questions. I'm considering the Jandy JXi water heater, but since its available I am debating on sometype of iphone/ipad interface with it. Which of these multiple...
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    Jandy heater? Because I can't find a 9 inch flue for the raypak heater

    This has been more than annoying for me for the past month. So decided to go with a Raypak heater (as everybody here loves). I have a shed protecting my pool equipment (no big deal thing has a door and a 8 foot ceiling). I have tried to find this recommended 9 inch flue for the raypak to vent...
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    Venting a raypak heater.

    All the pool equipment is In a small shed attached to the house. Sheds about 9 by 9 and 8 to 10 feet tall. I am having some pool people Coke out to install a raypak but they did notify me that they would not unless the shed was properly ventilated. from my understanding they are right. So...
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    Quietest pump and pump pad suggestions?

    Upgrading and adding a pool heater. Also going to replace the pool pump. Is the inteliflo vari speed pump the quietest I can find or is there better? also, is there a option for putting a pad underneath the pump and the booster to quiet them both? Thank you.
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    Raypak difference question.

    I am about to buy a pool heater. The pool guy says the master temps better than the raypak and that the raypak pilot assembly has to be replaced every 3 or so years. now I don't care about his "this is better" move, but I didn't hear about the pilot light replacement thing. the pilot lights...