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  1. CrystalSun

    New to Bromine

    Hi, Wife if pushing to try bromine. Read How do I use bromine in my spa 1. What are the advantages of bromine over chlorine? 2. After creating a bromide bank. Oxidizing with MPS. How do I measure dosage? Thanks so much for all information
  2. ajw22

    New to Bromine Bromine is very popular in hot tubs because there's lots of expensive chemicals the tub shops get to sell...
  3. D

    New to Bromine

    I too just don't get why bromine is considered difficult, but its true that the retail market has contributed to this misconception. Some prefer the odor over chlorine; some find allergies to one vs the other, so its a personal choice. Here are some bromine myths 1. bromine is incompatible...
  4. CrystalSun

    New to Bromine

    Thanks for your time dlleno. The reason I find it difficult -guesswork- is because due to my question below I think that MPS would be what I wanna use to oxidize and I haven't seen an exact formula to figure out how to dose MPS
  5. JoyfulNoise

    Thinking of buying a stand alone hot tub.

    Bromine is very popular in hot tubs because there's lots of expensive chemicals the tub shops get to sell you. There's really not much advantage of bromine over chlorine and some people are actually allergic to bromine. If the tub has an ozone generator, then that can be used to regenerate...
  6. Blacklisted

    I just read How to use Bromine in a spa-2 questions

    I use 3 step bromine in my tub and once a week I "Shock" it and let it run with the cover off. I use 12.5 liquid chlorine and use 3oz. Also after you use the tub you should do the same thing to burn organics. There is a post of how much to use after you get out per bather per hour but not...
  7. JoyfulNoise

    CYA in a bromine spa

    Precisely. The "Frog" system cartridges adds the silver ions (silver nitrate embedded in a slowly dissolving matrix) and the MPS acts mainly as the oxidizer for bather waste. Silver ions are known to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial when in solution and at higher temperatures (104F). The MPS...
  8. jseyfert3

    Thinking of doing a cheap ozonator experiment. Could use some advice

    Unless you are using bromine, ozone isn't recommended on TFP. It distroys FC and provides no advantages. Chlorine is litterally the only sanitizer/oxidizer you need, and the cheapest one too. Ozone can be useful in a bromine spa as it will reactivate bromide back into hypobromous acid. I may...
  9. A

    pH will not stop rising in hot tub

    MPS is non-chlorine shock. Make sure that you've read the "how do i use bromine" post linked upthread. I've never used bromine, because the cost is higher than bleach method. The only advantage bromine has over chlorine (that I can see) is that they have the slowly dissolving tabs that can add...
  10. CJadamec

    Once a bromine pool, always bromine ?

    There is a good description on how to use bromine HERE. Mostly you find bromine in spas as it has advantages there that sometimes justify the cost.
  11. tucsontico

    Leisure Time Renew vs. Replenish for shocking hot tub?

    I second JoyfulNoise's advice to get a high quality test kit. Accurate testing is the only way to properly assure your spa/pool has balanced water and is properly sanitized. I own a stand-alone spa that originally used the Spa Frog cartridges and bromine. However, after finding this website, I...
  12. JoyfulNoise

    Leisure Time Renew vs. Replenish for shocking hot tub?

    Not to get too deep in the weeds but allow me to correct the record on the differences pointed out here between chlorine and bromine in a spa. While TT gets some of the broader contours of the chemistry right, the specific details are a bit more complicated. TFP advocates the use of the...
  13. C

    New Hot Tub Owner

    I've had a pool for almost 15 years and have been a regular user of the forum. My wife's been diagnosed with fibromyagia, and my arthritis in my ankle is starting to get worse. So last week we decided to take the plunge and installed a 1300 litre hot tub, with ozonator. So far we're loving...
  14. B

    Ph went up. I thought bromine was an acid??

    Ok I read the sticky and i think i have a better understanding of Bromine. My conclusion (if you agree): it had been awhile since i used the oxidizer. So i added that and ill recheck the ph in the morning. More question. I gather from the sticky that MPS and chlorine perform the same function...
  15. JVTrain

    Spa in unfinished basement -- Smells! Help!

    The offensiveness of an odor is a personal thing. Myself, I don't like the smell of brominated spas. It rubs my nose the wrong way. That being said, any spa that is indoors is going to have some odor associated with it, hopefully only the smells of bromine or chlorine. When properly maintained...
  16. JVTrain

    Noob and confused.

    You can use either bromine or chlorine in the spa. Both have their advantages. Check out these two threads that go into detail on how to use bromine or chlorine in your spa. How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?) How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)?) The 3-step bromine method in that...
  17. JasonLion

    New Frog/Bromine Spa w/ Dichlor shock questions

    1) No dichlor does not contain any bromine or bromide 2) There is no easy way to measure the bromine bank 3) That probably means you aren't using enough. Technically, too little bromine bank means you have a chlorine spa, rather than a bromine spa. Both chlorine and bromine will read on the...
  18. JVTrain

    TFT100 Test Kit and Spa

    That's kind of the opposite of TFP. Ditch the powdered shock (what kind is it????) unless it's dichlor and you want to start up your tub on the next fill as a chlorine tub. If anything, shock the tub with bleach. It works just as well for bromine spas as chlorine spas. Check your FB and add...
  19. linen

    Sodium Bromide and Trichlor

    Here is the thread that covers Bromine use in spas: Yes, if you put in the proper amount of Sodium Bromide then use the trichlor as the oxidizer, you spa will be a Bromine spa. However, as I understand it, there is...
  20. C

    The forgotten alternative sanitizer for pools and spas that was extensively studied i

    Did you read what I wrote about the ACTUAL concentrations of chlorine gas from a swimming pool at 0.02 ppt (parts-per-trillion)? So at least for the swimming pool water it's an irrelevant discussion. OK, so now you are talking about concentrated chlorine product. So let's look at that...
  21. tim5055

    New to forum-copper and ozone

    Well, here is an older post from Richard Chem Geek responding to someone else regarding a copper ion system. I think you will find he lnks to multiple peer reviewed papers
  22. C

    Help "shocking" a spa

    Re: How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)? Yes, you can put in another tablet and if you aren't using the tub it should keep it sanitary and it good shape without you having to add any chlorine in between. That's the primary advantage of using bromine -- that in between uses the tabs keep...
  23. K

    Spa Frog

    I have a bromine hot tub that I am having a hard time keeping any bromine level available. I am using MPS to shock and adding bromine granules. I have the spa frog system but haven't really been using it as I was advised that it was not very effective on this forum. My question is: Can I use...
  24. C

    Couple questions about fecal accident response

    The main advantage of the tabs is the regular bromine dosing so is useful in residential spas that are not used every day or two (that's also the advantage of Trichlor tabs for pools). The bromine tabs provide a residual while after spa use one adds an oxidizer to handle the spike in bather...
  25. JasonLion

    Pool is not generating enough chlorine

    Bromine is not required and is not recommended for an outdoor pool. Bromine can have some advantages for an indoor pool. Though I really only recommend bromine for a spa.
  26. G

    Switched from BBB to Bromine in Spa

    I had been using Nature 2, ozone, MPS for years with other products like enzymes, [correction] Spa Perfect, etc. Water always looked and smelled OK but it wasn't okay. I switched to BBB late summer 2009 after the spa developed a biofilm that gave me a horrendous bladder infection. It took two...
  27. B

    Switched from BBB to Bromine in Spa

    After reading this thread, I agree that BBB method is much easier to maintain a spa and produces greater stability with the key factors. I guess using Bromine is advantageous because one doesn't have to be so dilligent with regular monitoring and adjusting sanitizer levels, buy after reading...
  28. spishex

    How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?

    Since I just referred someone to this... :|
  29. E

    salt in my hot tub

    I looked over the information on the autopilot website, and I don't see the advantage. You buy an >$400 sanitation system, and they recommend you add a "power pack" before and after each use. The power packs available for sale on the website come out to $1.51 per power pack, so you'd spend $3.02...