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  1. Oly

    A Request from TFP, and a few updates

    I want to believe but sorry I have to ask. What exactly is the end game with all the time, money and energy going into this site? I really do appreciate and respect this site. I have benefited directly, have donated two times and try to help out with responses as often as possible. I also...
  2. Oly

    Pool Build - Hot Tub/Spa help - Separate vs. Integrated

    Portable spas have an access panel for the motor and the electronics. You would have to design an enclosure that provides access to the panel and the ability to work in that limited space. As for other issues like plumbing leaks, a compromised shell or full replacement you would need a plan...
  3. Oly

    Looking for robotic pool cleaner suggestions

    You are right, you do want a robot. For the $ you are willing to spend you will not be disappointed although for that amount of $ you could also buy two. ;)
  4. Oly

    Pool Build - Hot Tub/Spa help - Separate vs. Integrated

    A stand alone spa is better suited for spontaneous use and for when you only have 20 minutes. It is at temp 24/7 and is separate from your pool sanitation and plumbing system.
  5. Oly

    Yes and use a splash of liquid chlorine as well. Keep it submerged for an hour or more if possible before rinsing. You should consider getting a second filter and having a clean one ready to replace then you can clean the other over night.
  6. Oly

    New Guy to the forum

    Welcome Mike. My first home included a 500 gal gas heated redwood hot tub, set into a redwood deck and covered with a gazebo. Life was good. After several years the tub and gazebo made way for an above ground pool as the kids multiplied. The redwood was transformed into furniture. My love for...
  7. Oly

    With a good robot, how much additional cleaning is needed?

    Welcome to TFP. My system is simple and besides the robot and pump, all manual. During peak summer I am adding bleach each day, netting the surface and random leaves and worms on the bottom each day and quickly inspecting the skimmer net and pump system. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes tops each day...
  8. Oly

    Questions in hindsight from a new owner

    Ideal CYA levels in a covered spa is a different situation than an open to the air and sun pool. The 20 to 30 ppm CYA in your spa is a good level but do check it at least once a month due to the high temps and regular top offs lowering the ppm. Most important is not allowing your FC level to...
  9. Oly

    Home Depot 31.45 muriatic acid

    At the HomeDepot here they store the the higher concentration acid in a separate location in the store.
  10. Oly

    I need your help!

  11. Oly

    Combined chlorine

    High CC is an call for corrective action. Some of the things that will lower CC are removing the spa cover to expose the water to the air and sunlight, clean and or replace the filter, a partial drain and refill and regularly draining, purging and refilling your tub with fresh water. How much...
  12. Oly


    Do you like videos? TFP has its own YouTube channel..... Trouble Free Pool :epds:
  13. Oly

    Water bug Infestation

    Are you near any open water, rivers, ponds, lakes, etc? Boatmen are herbivores so unless you have water plants or algae they made a fatal mistake swimming in your pool. Amazing swimmers and SCUBA divers too.
  14. Oly

    Water bug Infestation

    Take some close up pics of the critters. A pool is an effective insect trap (leaves, dirt, rodents too) so if migratory populations are nearby they will find their way into your water.
  15. Oly

    Biofilm or glue?

    Your pictures appear to show excess adhesive used during construction, in my opinion. Regarding proper sanitation of your spa and breaking down biofilms, you will need a powerful surfactant, Surfactant | chemical compound and a biocide. Ahh-Some utilizes a powerful surfactant and your chlorine...
  16. Oly

    New owner overwhelmed

    I target 30ppm CYA. Expect it to drop in the hot water so test every 30 days and bump it up using dichlor. Dichlor will also lower your pH so figure that in as well.
  17. Oly

    Ahhsome was clean...

    I transitioned my spa away from years of biquanide use and it took half a dozen treatments to clean it. I still use the product prior to every drain and refill but with a much less drastic results now. :goodjob:
  18. Oly

    New to TFP and New to Pool Care!

    You have found the right place for everything pool/spa related and all with no advertisments. I am sure after reading your first post that you will have no problem maintaining your pool. A few years ago I was in the nearly the same situation as you (see my first thread in my signature) and the...
  19. Oly

    Built in Robot power

    Interesting idea and good on you for thinking ahead of a pool build. Your robot concerns are non-issues for me as it is only in use once a week on average. I also remove, clean and store my bot after every run. Now having a custom bot storage closet with GFI outlet near the pool and paired...
  20. Oly

    Pump is set to high but

    What type of filter do you use? How does the water look? If your filter pressure is high it may be your filter is loaded up and needs cleaning. Do you test your water chemistry?
  21. Oly

    How to add chlorine and/or other chemicals with Katchakid mesh cover?!

    How about making an application device with a length of 1.5 or 2" diameter PVC pipe. For the uphill end attach a 90 elbow with extension pipe that fits a funnel for pouring into. On the other end a 45 with extension that directs the bleach into the water stream at least 6" away from the pool...
  22. Oly

    Planning to install a glacier chiller later

    Our pool water was too warm during the peak heat of the first summer we had it. The next sumner we strategically put up a couple shade triangle nets the next season when the water was still cool and it did the trick. A side benefit was relaxing in the filtered light while floating on the raft...
  23. Oly

    Pump leaks at the 2" inlet when turned off

    I'm thinking that you could reduce the need to remove your pump filter basket lid by trapping more debris at your skimmer basket using hair nets or skimmer socks.
  24. Oly

    Help with new pool pump suggestion

    Don't get bogged down with water turnover recommendations and detailed flow calculations. Concentrate on power needs related to skimming, chemical mixing, spa jets, also pool cleaners, SWG, solar heating and water features if applicable. I replaced a 2hp single speed pump a year ago with a...
  25. Oly

    This is just wrong!

    Spend some time in CA if you want the definition of wrong. :roll: For years now there have been restrictions on residential home heating fires for air quality and each year we suffer thousands of acres torched by uncontrolled wildfires. The air quality is now worse in most of CA than it used...
  26. Oly

    New Water

    My experience only. Purge using existing heated water (turn off/ down heater just prior) making sure FC level is adequate. If the first time on a used tub it will need to purged more than once if biofilm buildup is heavy. Pull your filter but leave it in the tub. Give the product some time in...
  27. Oly

    New owner overwhelmed

    Not sure how many gallons your new spa holds but I would bring the FC above 5ppm just before you add the surfactant and begin the purge. The goal is for the purge product to remove any biofilm buildup and expose microorganisms to the FC.
  28. Oly

    Choosing Suction Pool Cleaner

    I have a Pentair Rebel for sale. Pentair Rebel Suction-side Inground Pool Cleaner Suction side cleaners are fast becoming the rotary land line phones of modern pool cleaners.