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    Jandy aqua pure 1400, getting general fault error

    So I can’t see any code on the board display, is there a trick to display the error code?
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    Jandy Nitchless LED dead, does water need to be lowered to replace?

    so gonna have one replaced, installer is stating the water level does not need to be lowered? wont water get stuck in the conduit this way? I mean I guess the light unit is sealed. Oh and of course jandy no longer makes same unit. Awesome.
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    Jandy filter gauge just broke off

    So I am out at the equipment, when to clean the face of the gauge, the entire gauge and stem just break off the filter body? WTH??? Are you kidding me? i assume this can be replace, the gauge that is.
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    Jandy nitchless LED acting up

    so last night I noticed on of my LED lights flickering and going on and off and or not holding the correct color. The are 3 year, 2 months old. Assuming the light is toast and will need to be replaced?
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    Tons of rain, odd test results

    So in SoCal we have been having a lot of rain. Tested pool today, FC is fine but I am getting low salt on my aqualink at 2200 ppm. Ph is 7.8, but the TA dropped to 40ppm. CH dropped to 425ppm from 600+ I assume from the rain. So my CSi is fine with TA @40 and ph @7.8 but is my TA too low...
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    TA too low @ 50ppm?

    Ran to tests today FC was 10ppm TA was at 50 PH was 7.8 CH was 650 Salt 2800 cYA 65 Csi -0.03 Temp 59 Just never had TA go below 60-70, odd. FC is high as I adjusted the salt cell %.
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    Really getting Frustrated with CYA

    I have been struggling with CYA for 2 years. It seems no matter how much I put into the pool I am "ALWAYS" around 40-50PPM. Perhaps I am just stupid and can't get this test done correctly but it's the most unforgiving test I think we can run for our pools. My largest issue is with the test...
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    Jandy pump making squeaking sound at start up and shutdown

    This has been going on for a few months, right at start up and shutdown I get this squeaking sound for about 2-3 seconds. Jandy is telling me it’s normal, I asked okay, then why did it not do this for the first 2years? Any thoughts?
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    Coming up on year 2 am I still doing this correctly

    FC= 7 to 8 Ph= 7.2-7.8, TA = 70 CH=460 Salt=3200 Csi= -0.01 to -0.6 (at 7.8 csi is -0.01, adding acid brings ph back and csi to -0.06) Note that my ph rise goes from 7.2-7.8 in a week, normal? Also should I still be bringing back to 7.2? If not, I will be adding acid 2x per week, should I...
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    New plaster, question on brush marks

    My sister had her pool replastered, they were brushing as required but it appears the black plastic on the top of the brush left a few marks on the seat edge of the spa, any suggestions for removing the black marks? Plaster is about 2 wks old, yep, I told them to be very careful, lol.
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    Back from vacation some strange issues

    So just got back from Hawaii for 10 days when out to check the pool. Notice some very light green algae formed in a corner that does not get the best water flow, also noticed a dark black spot on my Baja shelf, though it was a leaf, nope, had to brush it off and there is now a very slight...
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    Clean salt cell?

    Pool is 1.5 years old, the salt cell is a Jandy IC40. I keep chems in range. Should I pull it out to check it? Not sure I need to clean it like my filter?
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    Jandy pump got LOUD over night

    So I have a Jandy ProSeries VS E pump. It has been in service for 1 year 4 months, always whisper quiet, I mean almost can’t hear it, I run it at 1300 RPM. Walked out today and I am like WTH, it’s like 5 times louder, and it sounds like it’s coming from the backend (motor) some vibrations when...
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    Time to clean filter?

    So I cleaned it on 10/31/2016, last year three months after new pool construction. Once filters were cleaned the pressure was running the following: 3.5 psi at 1300rpm 22 psi at 3000 rpm Well I watch it closely and it and today it still at the same pressure at 1300 rpm. Now my yard has no...
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    Okay to run chlorine a little high?

    Test results FC- 6-7ppm pH-7.5 7.8 TA 80 cya 65 ish Ch-350 Salt 2900 Working to lower TA, adding acid once I hit 7.8 ph. Will check cya again. Target for SAlt pool was. FC of 5ppm, okay running a little higher in the summer?
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    Finally happened, help

    So I have had water in the pool for 11 months never an issue, now I have been really bad about brushing. So I am out brushing today, lol, and noticed a little green algae in one of the coves behind the spa, gets shade, light green on the pool wall, not a lot, brushed it off. So now what...
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    Pool covers and spa spillovers

    So just cut the pool cover, works great at retaining heat, one issue, how are you all dealing with the spa spill over cycle? I have a raise spa so the water fall pours on top of the cover. I guess I could cut out the section where the water fall hits the pool but won't this negate having the...
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    Did the rain change my numbers?

    We have had a ton of rain in so ca over the past month. Decided to test everything today. FC-4 PH-7.7 TA-60 (down from 80) CH-200 (down from 275) CYA- 40 (down from 60) Salt -2000 (down from 2900) CSI- -0.51 My salt cell has not been making chlorine for the past month or 2 error 144 low salt...
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    Water @52 degrees, is the swg still making chlorine?

    At what point do I kno if it's too cold, I did notice the system is showing salt PPM dropped. I read that's caused by cold water. Can I assume if it's maintaining chlorine levels it's still working. Just did not know if there is a point to shut it off and manually add chlorine. Thx.
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    Update on water chemistry

    So winter is upon us in SoCa, water temp running 59-63 degrees. Ran all the tests this morning FC=5.5 PH=7.6 TA=80 CH=350 CYA=55-60 (hate this test) Salt=2800ppm CSI= -0.32 I have my salt cell running at 10%, pump is running 6 hours per day at 1300rpm. Is there a point that I shut off the...
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    filter drain line to sewer clean out.

    So I have a cartridge filter but the city required the filter drain plumbed to a cleanout regardless of whether it was a DE or cartridge filter. So I recently noticed that the drain valve was in the open position a couple months ago and closed it. No water was exiting at the clean out as the...
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    Salt day has arrived, finally so a couple questions

    I hit 60 days post fill so we are adding salt. I am at 1000ppm now and i am going to target 3000 at first which is 176 lbs per pool math. I picked up 5 bags of the Diamond solar salt at home depot, got scared off by the comments of rocks and other stuff in the mortons pool salt. So my SWG, is...
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    Pre-disolving CYA

    Tried something new, put cya in a 5 gallon bucket and filled it with water, 6 hours later there is still a bunch at the bottom. Also this stuff never seems to disolve 100%. I can still see tiny little particles floating in the water. So when is it considered 100% disolved so i can pour into...
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    For sale: maytronics dolphin caddy $60.00: S200, s300 and Doheny discovery

    New in box $60.00, plus shipping Shipping tx tx is running $40, unless you have a fedex or ups commerical account. Local So CA purchase will be the best option. This is the new 9996087-assy version. May fit other robots.
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    Spa spillover schedule: pentair

    My friend has a pentair system, with automation, easytouch. How is this set up to schedule a spa spill over run, pool suction/spa return. They want to run this in place of the make up valve/spa bypass valve as the water only dribbles over the spill over when through the bypass. Can this be...
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    FC between 1-3PPM with CYA of 40 PPM, while de-scaling, Asking for problems?

    New thread as I want to be more specific. I am de-scaling and ScaleTec requires I keep FC between 1-3PPM. My current CYA level is 40. Am I just asking for problems? I have been maintaining this since last Friday. I am at 3PPM at dust and remain there all night. When I get home from work I...
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    Poolmaster testing kit vs TAylor

    Just for kicks i tried the poolmaster kit the PB gave us. Ph was off and no color really matched, guessing it was closer to 7.6, but 7.4 and 7.8 looked miles away? The ta result was 100ppm, my taylor kit show 70ppm. Scary.
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    Should I be cleaning my filter 30days post new plaster?

    Should I be cleaning the filter this soon? I know it's most likely has a ton of plaster dust.
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    CSI Pool Math

    Okay perhaps it's been too many years since college, and I was bad in math anyhow. But this whole -0.6 or .06 is confusing to follow which direction it going. So I made this chart which I assume is correct so I can easily see which direction I am heading. I always associate the number on...
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    White ring on water tile

    Had to drop my water level a little, the is a bit of a white ring at the old level, 32 day old water. I tried a nylon brush it helped but i can still see it. What can i do to remove it without harming the tille?