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    TA question

    TA question , just uncovered pool here in Pennsylvania. FC 7.5 CC 0.5 CYA 50 TA 70 PH 7.2 The lamenated card in tf test kit suggest a TA of 100-120 for manually chlorinated pools. Pool math suggests 50-90 . Which one is correct? The pool is crystal clear. Thank you
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    Good afternoon, My tf100 kit arrived August 4. I started shocking august 1 due to algae ,exchanged some water on 6th and added quart of acid ,pool is a little cloudy ,should I drain more to get cya down? Is that why FC is taking awhile to come down? Thank you Aug4 tests. Aug 5th. August7...
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    Newbie from PA

    Thanks for the add , just trying to make my pool maintenance easier and smoother:D