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    Installing Easy Touch... what size wire from main panel?

    What size wire from main panel to the Easy Touch? What size breaker? It will be mounted about 35' away and there is already a 1/2" emt line running out there. Thanks.
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    Vac-Mate wont fit?

    Skimmer is a Waterways and I see our Vac-Mate will not set inside. Is there an adaptor or something to mkae it work? We need the skimming and cleaner suction on this pool.
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    Intelliflow Question

    I'd like to swap my energy sucking Starite pump out with a new Pentair Intelliflow to get some real savings immediately. My question is.... do I have to buy a controller like an ez touch or similar to make this work since all I have now is an Intermatic 24 hour timer? The pool has a spa and a...