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    Green water- Iron? Algae?

    FC- 8 CC- 0 CYA- ran out of solution but last I checked was under 30. Have not added any since. TA- 150 pH- 7.5 Pool water about 80 degrees The water is clear green. Not just a tinge green- very green but I can completely see through it. When I drained and filled my pool just over 3 weeks ago...
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    Fresh fill- where to start?

    So I completely drained my pool and refilled. pH 8.0 TA 180 CH 80 (is this something I really need to worry about with the type if pool I have?) CYA l, FC and CC are 0 since I have not added any chemicals yet. I know pH and TA are directly related. Lowering pH should lower TA, correct? So I...
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    Cloudy green pool STILL

    Hello and thanks in advance! So we have a 24x52 summer waves pool that we bought last year. This was our first season opening and we did not properly close it last year. A mistake I will not make again. Anyway, after opening, the pool was extremely dark and could we not see anything. We leaf...